Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey Kids...Let's Put On A Show!

OK, here's another reason you guys need to be playing FarmTown on Facebook. Today, we held an impromptu meeting of the UCF there in my back 40. It was fairly ridiculous. And we posed for pictures to commemorate the occasion.

If you think getting us organized under normal circumstances is a trainwreck, you should see it when we're able to chat in real time...or something. (You'd think it would help, but you'd be wrong.)

You'll want to embiggen these so you can read the chat.

Utterly retarded. I swear.

Can't wait to do it again.


MWT said...

Missed it while harvesting another friend's potatoes.

Glad to see bits and pieces of the meeting minutes though. ;)

neurondoc said...

My farm was Grand Central Station yesterday, but we were better behaved. Wild behavior seems to ensue when there are a bunch of Trollops and a Waterboy.


Random Michelle K said...

I'm still not going to play. I have enough stuff to suck up all my time already.

Jeri said...

Will. Resist. Assimilation.

kimby said...

I had a nice visit with Janiece and Anne at my Farm this morning...I love it when neighbours pop on by.

Steve Buchheit said...

Just like Michelle and Jeri, the apps seem like fun, but also like serious time sucks. I have enough of those already.

Nathan said...

Oh don't be such a pansy, Steve.

Tom said...

This is the first I've heard that the UCF has become a haven for hayseeds. And where are all the Juicy Heifers?

It strikes me that Anne's nick should be Annie Oatley on a farm.