Monday, June 8, 2009

OK. I'm Back.

But I really don't have anything to talk about right now. was your day?

P.S. The cat is just really bendy. She's not broken at all.


kimby said...

My day was crap...but thanks so much for asking Nathan!

Eric said...

My wrist hurt until my second drink. Now it mostly just itches.

You may end up regretting that you asked us. :-)

Nathan said...

I promise not to regret it until someone uses the word 'discharge'.

That's the line I'm drawing.

Jim Wright said...

How was my day?

Pretty shitty up until about two hours ago.

A strange square cube of a car blasting Hip Hop pulled up in my driveway without warning. I went out to confront the hoodlums, and...Tania and Jeri jumped out! Surprise! How fucking cool is that? Seriously?

OK, not as cool as a bendy cat, but pretty fucking cool nonetheless.

Nathan said...

There damned-well better be pictures!

Tania said...

Many pictures were taken. None by me. Most by Mr. Wright the younger, a fine and entertaining lad.

And ShopKat (tm) is freaking adorable, even when she stinks of dead fish.

MWT said...

I went around in pointless circles trying to figure out javascript, then got distracted with arranging trees on my farm, and then the farm disappeared off of Facebook. o.O

But, no discharges. Last I checked. Would you like me to check? :D

Steve Buchheit said...

Long damn day trying to explain economics to people who just won't comprehend it. But today is a better day. However, will have same people at different meeting tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to eat dinner before 9:45pm tonight, though.

neurondoc said...

Left the house when it was hot and TV-less. Came home to a cool house and a TV.