Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'd be posting something amazing right now, but...

I still have an amazing post coming up about scenic artists, but...I'm waiting for some digital pics to come my way. Hey! A scenic's work is visual. What the hell would the post be without visuals?

I went to an amazing new place in the city today (yup, a brand new place that's been in the planning for almost 20 years), and I'll hopefully put up the post about it tomorrow. I'd do it now, but...I shot almost 250 frames and I really need to trim that a bit before I try to put it on my blog.

I have a terrific piece of MOVIE SCHWAG to give away in a contest. It's for a movie that will be pretty damned big and they're not even finished shooting it yet. That's how desirable this piece of move schwag is! But I don't have a clue what kind of contest to launch yet.

So, no original content from me right now.

In the meantime, the Script Goddess has a wonderful bit of video today that you should really watch if you want a clue what I (and many, many, many people), have to go through on a regular basis talking to the people I work for. It's titled "The Vendor Client Relationship", but it applies to any time a Producer wants something for less. Logic has absolutely no place in the discussion. I laughed my ass off.


Carol Elaine said...

I'm sure that, whatever the contest is, I'll be too late. *sniff*

I'll just be over here on the West Coast.


vince said...

Oooo... movie schwag.

Steve Buchheit said...

That video, was so totally, I don't know the words for it. True, I guess would be the best one.

Anonymous said...

Poor Todd at the video store.

Doesn't help that I'm living something close to that with a client right now.