Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Pardon Our Appearance While Redecorating For Your Shopping Pleasure.

Apparently, I'm too broken up over the loss of The Gloved One (The One-Gloved?) to blog. More likely, some of my friends pointed out that I was maybe being a tad too snarky over the whole thing and maybe I ought to keep it to myself.


So,'s a FarmTown Update. Yes, I'm redecorating. I've bulldozed all my fields and started over again because I think my farm requires a message.

You can't see them because I've got them hidden, but most of the area you see as grass is covered with trees just randomly crammed there out of the way for the moment. I'll be having a huge tree sale in the near future.

Here's another thing I thought I'd mention about FarmTown. They made such a big deal out of getting flowers recently. Here are the things I've discovered about flowers on FarmTown.

-They're worthless. In fact, it costs you coins to water them.
-You can water other people's flowers and get paid for it...diddly squat.
-Watering your friends' flowers saves them coin...also diddly squat.
-Therefore, watering your friends' flowers is more of an investment in karma than anything else.
-Some of my friends have gone batshit with the flowers and planted them all over the damned place.
-Watering their flowers takes for-fucking-ever!

Conclusion? I'll risk my virtual karma by letting them water their own damned flowers.

And since I'm the very model of self-control (not)...

Allow me to be the first to start the rumor/conspiracy theory:

Michael Jackson isn't really dead! He's gone into hiding with the aid of some government agency. All of the plastic surgery you've seen over the years has been a well crafted hoax. He still looks just like he did in 1978. The reason that Elizabeth Taylor is speechless is that she's been in on it all this time and she's just not good at lying. Michael will be staying with La Liz for a few months until the ruckus dies down and then he'll reappear in his original visage pretending to be a Michael Jackson impersonator.

The public will think he's pretty good, but not that good and he'll be allowed to fade into obscurity. He will join the Americas Brigade, which includes Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley and Harry Houdini. They'll be fighting communist zombies (or something...I'm not really clear on the whole plan yet).

If you are aware of any other part of this plan, please let me know...but quietly. It's a secret!


neurondoc said...

Just for that I'm going to stop sending you farm animals and send you hyacinths instead.

Tom said...

Doc, Farm Animals? Haven't you seen his comments over at Jim's? Farm Animals, indeed!

MWT said...

Nathan, I'm all for you no longer watering anyone else's flowers. That way I stand a better chance of getting the coins for watering them instead. :D

But I hope you'll keep a few of yours, so I can water them. >.>

(to the uninitiated: farmtown flowers may only be watered once per day, so it's a free-for-all who gets there first.)

Nathan said...

I'm keeping my flowers, but only within reason. You can get all of mine without having to move the can three dozen times. In fact, If I plant any outside the confines of the homestead, feel free to let them whither and die. Dead flowers can be decorative.

Jim Wright said...

I heard MJ bowed out in order to concentrate on his Farm Town plot...

WendyB_09 said...

Well, at least he already has practice with zombies...
cause he's a thrilla...
::stomp, drag, stomp, drag::


sorry, couldn't resist!!

Jim Wright said...

He's not like other boys...