Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Branching Out.

Last night, in my first attempt ever at making potato dumplings, I followed the recipe faithfully and produced...some little potato-ey asteroids. While tasting of potato, they were of a density heretofore unknown on Earth.

I'll be hosting a fact finding mission from the Department of Defense who will be conducting a study of my potato dumplings for use as an ultra-cheap, ultra-hard projectile for use and re-constitution in the field. I'm so pleased to be aiding my country. Not only are these suckers deadly -- they're bio-degradable.

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Jim Wright said...

Was the broth boiling? Was the pan covered and have plenty of steam?

Usually too cool broth or lack of steam is what causes dumplings not rise and puff - that is if you've got everything else right. Otherwise you might have your proportions of baking soda and powder wrong - or they're old (this happens with bisquik too, if you're using that as a shortcut). Or not enough acid to activate the CO2 production from the soda if you're not using powder. If you're not using either, well, you're on your own, Sparky.

Anne C. said...

Are you trying to create micro black holes over there, Nathan? What have we told you about that? 50% probability is not something to fool with.

Nathan said...


I looked at about a dozen recipes before I tried making them and not one of them had baking soda or powder. Maybe that was the problem!

I'll wait to see a proper recipe at Stonekettle Station before I try again. (BTW, I still think of it as Stonekettle Kitchen. Have you considered changing it to make my life easier?)