Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Limerick Day 2009.

I've gotten a ton of visitors today searching for National Limerick Day (based on last year's post.) I wouldn't want all of the searchers to be disappointed so...

(Uh...note: Neither this blog nor most of its links is especially child-friendly so Run Away!)

Eric’s A-theist, he's told us.
Dislikes bible thumping in POTUS
Go read, if you will
His screed to The Hill

I’d try hard to top it, but nonplus

I don’t want to talk about Star Trek
I missed DS9; heard it was drek
Michelle, with a yell
Told us all, “Go to hell”,
“I bet you’re all Bajoran Vedeks"
(I think that's a pejorative.)


Random Michelle K said...

Nope. A Vedek is a priest--a member of the religious caste.

Nathan said...

Oops! Shows my lack of DS9 cred.

(I looked it up on Wiki and thought they were some sort of bad collaborators.)

Eric said...

Oo! Are we going to talk about Star Trek now?


Jim Wright said...

There once was a blogger called Nath'n
Who was mustachioed, tall, and thin
He knew little of trek
But figured it ryhmed so what the heck
As long as it pulls in the hits, I call that a win.

Tom said...

A member of Group UCFer
Coined alternate name "Juicy Heifer".
A lady said, "No,
It just isn't so!"
Quoth Nathan, "I like it, so eff'er."

Random Michelle K said...

STEVE for the WIN!

Eric said...
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Eric said...

Aren't Limericks supposed to be dirty?

* * *

There was a young Vulcan called Spock,
Whose logic was not to be knocked.
When an Andorran named Lin
Asked for it in,
He said "Regulations do not permit me to dock."

* * *

There once was an android named Lore
Who didn't know what his tool was for.
He told Dr. Soong
"Something is wrong,
At every angle reception is poor."

* * *

How's that?

Jeri said...

I made a contribution to the canon. It sucks. Not only are mine not dirty, they're not funny either. They do rhyme. Sort of.

Nicely done to the rest of you!

Eric said...

There once was a doc named McCoy
Whose bedside manner brought joy:
"Girls call me 'Bones'
'cause when we're alone
that's the device I employ."

Okay... I'll quit now.

Jim Wright said...

Yes, Eric, quit now. Before I choke to death laughing. That last one was great.