Monday, March 10, 2008

But Why Would You Want To?

Channel 7 here just ran a promo for the Eleven O'Clock News:
"How to have clean looking hair without washing it!"

Yup, that's on my "must watch" list.


Random Michelle K said...


(sorry, that's all I got for you!)

And what about Spitzer and the trollops?

Nathan said...


Nathan said...

Actually, this is the first I'd heard about it. I'm sure news will be updated soon. He's supposed to be having a press conference right now.

And they just broke in.

Random Michelle K said...

But what does "involved" mean?!

I'm not getting anything from the NYT or CNN. BAH!

Was he running the thing or just boinking someone for money?

Nathan said...

Right now they're saying he may have shown up on a client list for a place called The Emperor's Club...which they're saying is a very hi-end escort service.

Random Michelle K said...


So just boinking for money.

From what I read, I'd guess that people were looking to take him down--after all, you take down a prostitution ring and have disdain for everyone involved, and then if you're going to be a hypocrite, then everyone else is going to point and laugh.

But really, what is it with some guys--especially those who should know better--that they er... umm... pay money to boink?

Nathan said...

It'll be especially bad for him.

1. He made his name as a balls-to-the-wall law & order Attorney General.

2. He's spent his first year in office bullying everyone and pissing off everyone in sight.

He was just on TV and his statement was just that "apologized to his family and the public for disappointing them." At least, unlike, "I am a Gay-American" McGreevy, I guess he didn't embarrass his wife further by making her stand by him while making this announcement.

One report "seemed" to be saying that he had some "dealing" with the prostitution ring beyond just being a customer. Not much beyond that.

But it seems certain he'll have to resign.

Random Michelle K said...

Perhaps he should have kept his balls to himself as opposed to putting them on the wall.


So what does this mean for NY? IYHO of course.

Nathan said...


I was wrong.

There's the wife.

Nathan said...

I know almost nothing about the Lt. Governor (who would get the job).

He's been a state legislator since 1985 (D-Harlem). He's blind since infancy.

He has a court case right now because he let go a white staff photographer and hired a black guy. As far as I know, the only thing that's happened in the case is that a judge has said there's enough evidence to warrant a jury trial.

Random Michelle K said...

Wait? A blind politician is being accused of reverse racism?

That seems... odd.

Random Michelle K said...

wait... a blind guy hired and fired a *photographer*?

That doesn't seem right at ALL.

Nathan said...

Actually, I think his blindness was his tongue in cheek defense when the accusation was made.

I don't know who's next in line. :-)

Random Michelle K said...


By the way, I actually do know why the cleaning the hair without washing it thing is important. It (or at least one method) was invented for hospital and nursing home patients who are bedridden and too fragile to be bathed.

Nathan said...

Michelle, we may never know if you're right. This Spitzer thing is gonna knock it right off the air.


John the Scientist said...

Interestingly enough, balls-to-the-wall did not originally have a primary sexual connotation. On the old sailing ships you kept the ammo (cannon balls) in the magazine, but in heavy action you lined them up against the wall beside the guns, where you could grab them and reload rapidly. But that was much more dangerous to the cannoneers in case of a hit or of accidental fire.

/end geek

Nathan said...

Never apologize for geeking here. I love that kinda stuff. How did they keep the balls from rolling around on the deck?

Jeff Hentosz said...

I can answer that one. In relatively calm seas, a carpenter's apprentice would go around the ship with a spike and score a trench or trough in the deck for the shot to sit in, much like bowling balls in a rack. This person was referred to as the "ball scratcher."

In rough seas, one of the boatswain's mates would be charged with bringing 60 lb. sacks of tea from the hold to place in a kind of pen around the cannonballs. This person was called a "tea bagger."

Wow. You just learn and learn and learn, huh?

John the Scientist said...

Nathan - much as it pains me to say it, Hentosz is almost right. They used the bags of powder to hold the balls in place. Remember that shells were not self-contained in those days.

Nathan said...

Nathan - much as it pains me to say it, Hentosz is almost right.

Painds you to say it? Almost right? Catfight!

Excellent. We want pictures.

Nathan said...

Painds? PAINDS? WTF is that?

John the Scientist said...

Pains me because Hentosz is being such a perfect smartass, not because I have anything aginst Hentosz.

Catfight? I might be out of shape, but I can put my foot all over your body, and there ain't a thing you can do about it.

/Billy Jack

Nathan said...


1. I want a catfight. Now.

2. Are you telling me that Jeff lied to me about tea-baggers and ball scratchers? I'm crushed!

3. I did look for corroboration and couldn't find it anywhere.

4. Catfight!

Tania said...

Tea Bagging? Ball Scratching? Prostitution?

Yup, this is the NC-17 blog we were warned about.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


What is the matter with you? The Jeff Hentosz does not fight. The Jeff Hentosz only luvs. Plus, I simply cannot have a blemish on this porcelain skin, nor muss my crisp Louis Vitton shirt.* Besides, if I did fight, I imagine it would be like Indiana Jones, i.e., I'd persevere by taking the beating until my opponent got cocky and f'ed up -- then duck.

You want a cat fight? Here.

Also: Lies? Nice. I'll have you know every word I say is true, and I know this because I think them up in my very own head.

* Louis Vitton makes clothes, right? Ladies? Anyone? Where my gay brothers at?

Nathan said...


You could scuff your Louis Vuitton (with a U) shoes or handbag. No shirts. (All sorta info on these internets.)

And Polybloggimous got knocked down to #5 on the Google search "Spitzer and the trollops"


Anonymous said...

If it's two guys fighting, I don't think technical that it's a catfight. Even though, per Jeff, none will occur anyway.

What would we call it? A (must not... can't resist...) cockfight?

Nathan said...

I was really envisioning one of those kinda sissy slap-fights. And hair pulling. :D