Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Bloody But Not Beaten

Chapter Thirty-five tried its hardest not to get written, but I've wrestled that sucker 'til it cried 'uncle'. You can find it over on the book blog.

I'm a little uncertain about the outcome. I like what part of the story is told. I think I did a fair job of representing what a Chief Warrant Officer should be like (I expect to be told in no uncertain terms if I fucked that part up).

And while I think I shoved it into one of the First Person chapters reasonably well, I'm not sure it wouldn't have worked better in the Third Person. And I'm not sure it took full advantage of what working in First Person offers a chapter.

Meh. Its done. Yay!


kimby said...

Just in time then...because i am on my 4 day off stint...the one where i do all my baking....i am thinking gingersnaps are in order!

Jim Wright said...

As soon as I get a chance (after I finish my own flippin' chapter this morning) I'll have a look at it.

But if you made him mean, grumpy, and profane - you're doing fine.

Nathan said...

Mean? Check!
Grumpy? Check!
Profane? Check!

Steve Buchheit said...

Also competent as hell about things that have no right to really know about (and probably don't anyway, but they make it up very well).

Oh yeah, dark sense of humor. not in the "we're all gonna die, Gulliver" but in the "funny, I didn't think that would leave a stain" way.