Monday, March 3, 2008

The First Person To Say "Third Person" To Me Is Gonna Get Such A Whoopin'.

I'm sure you recall when I was talking about the fact that I was alternating chapters in the book between First Person and Third Person narratives. And that sometimes that was giving me trouble? Now is such a time.

As I said before, some parts of the story don't really lend themselves as easily to one or the other. Chapter 35 needs to be in the First Person and, boy is it giving me a hard time. This chapter will be about Paul's need for personal security and how he doesn't qualify for Secret Service Protection yet. He'll meet a new character I think I'm going to like quite a bit. But its coming out awkweird in the First Person.

Options? I could wait and tell this part of the story in Chapter 36, but then I don't know what would happen in Chapter 35. Its time to tell this part of the story now. I could abandon the whole First Person/Third Person alternations, but that would really suck after 34 chapters. And I think it's worked really well so far.

The only acceptable option is to beat this damned chapter into submission and post the mother. Your patience is appreciated. (For those of you who aren't waiting with bated breath, your lack of caring one way or the other is duly noted.)

::Shawn, take that thing out of your mouth right now.::


John the Scientist said...

How about throwing a curve and working on a second person chapter? ;-)

And Shawn and I have ordered the batteries for the real challenge. We'll be at your house next week for the video.

Tom said...

Sometimes you just have to walk away for a day or so. Do anything else but think about writing. Your brain will be working on it the whole time, and give you a solution.

Trust the muse, grasshopper!

Nathan said...


I'm pretty sure I'm on like day eight of walking away.


Chapter 35: You walked into Paul's Office and hit him in the pancreas. You said, "Paul, you really need some security."

Nah. Not working for me.

BTW, with that second use of the word "pancreas" in two days, I now retire my Pauley Shore impersonation.

MWT said...

Write it in the way it wants to be written, in the order it wants to be written.

A Chapter 35 will probably occur to you later on, when you've encountered something that needs backfilling of details. At least, that's how it seems to work for me. So just call it Chapter 36, ignore the fact that there isn't a Chapter 35 for now, and move on.