Monday, March 17, 2008

Today Polybloggimous. Tomorrow The World!


So, my old lame sucky url will continue to work, but you can also get here now by typing Cause I own it. Yes I do.


Anonymous said...

You are becoming such a geek! One day you'll look in the mirror, at the bad hair, short-sleeved dress shirt, and pocket protector, and proudly tell yourself "I have arrived."

Seriously, congrats. :)

Nathan said...

I can haz Geek-cred?


neurondoc said...

Cool. I wonder how many people are gnashing their teeth now that they can't have for their very own... :-)

Nathan said...

The funny thing is that when I went to, I got locked out of my account and had to call their service center. The guy said he might as well set up everything as long as I was on the phone with him. When I told him what domain name I wanted, he said, "Ooh, that's a good one."


Jeff Hentosz said...

Congratulations! In honor of your new domain name, I offer a new avatar -- featuring my very own face!

Mystery man no more, I stand revealed before you.

Anonymous said...

I have way too many domain names, remnants of projects that seemed like a good idea at the time. (personal blog), .org, .net (neglected tech blog project) (old personal site URL) (never-begun jewelry-making e-commerce project)

Random Michelle K said...


Next up on the geekification of Nathan: Converting him to Word Press!

Nathan said...


no offense, but I was kind of fond of the dead bird.

Nice hand though.

Nathan said...


I've looked at wordpress. unless I get geeky enough to design my own template (and I wouldn't even know where to start), I think I'll be staying at blogger for the foreseeable future.

Nathan said...

but next, I need someone to tell me how to mask

Its masked only if you go to url.

otherwise, if you link from my profile or click on the banner, you get back to my sucky lame url.

Random Michelle K said...


It's really not THAT bad to modify Word Press.

And there are lots of templates out there you can apply.

Shawn Powers said...


I can't help with the URL thing -- when I bought my domain, I moved from Blogger to Wordpress. (It was before Blogger would let you use your own domain and them host the files... it was some weird FTP thing if you wanted to use your own domain and Blogger)

Tom said...

Nathan, very cool. I've updated my link to you to use the indicative!

I only have 2 domains, and But I'm geeky enough to have sub-domains. is my campout URL (for Hole In The Ground). Do any of you have sub-domains?

I had plans for and may follow through some time later.