Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So, Tom sent me an email offering to help with the whole Polybloggimous URL question. He pointed out that GoDaddy is masking everything with if you came in with that in, if you click a link, it takes you there, but the URL bar up top and the tab, if you have multiples open, still says Polybloggimous. Or if you click on a specific entry, same don't see the specific URL extension for the entry. Which means that all the thousands of people who want to link to an example of my shear genius are going to be SOL. And that's not good.

I'm looking into what I can do to resolve this. GoDaddy says there's no way to only mask the home page. They say I need to fix it with Blogger. There's a couple of options I saw within Blogger's setup, but I don't want to do anything precipitous.

So, for now, I own a domain and you shouldn't use it. Until further notice, please continue to use the address.

Thank you,

The Management


Random Michelle K said...

I'm telling you: Word Press is the way to go!

It's not that hard, and I can even help you through it if you like!

Nathan said...

I will take another look at them. I wasn't especially thrilled with the templates they offer and I think I remember not liking something about how you do new posts there.

I shall think on it.

Anonymous said...

Nathan, there are two versions of Wordpress... is hosted by wordpress, kind of like Blogger, and as such its themes and options aren't quite as flexible. is a software package you install on your own web hosting space - godaddy can install it for you if you buy hosting through them. Then you select a theme, the choices are endless, and can further customize it if you choose. (my theme was red & black with an X logo - I changed it to blue and green with the doggie logo).

Either one supports domain names really well. The first is easier if you don't want to get as involved in the tech side, but the latter is more flexible and gives you more room for growth. (It's what Scalzi is using now)

Michelle is smart about this stuff, she gave me great tips when my site was acting up... with her help you could accomplish lots. :)

Shawn Powers said...

Did you ever figger this out? You can indeed host a domain on blogger without using FTP anymore. (My friend's blog is hosted completely on blogger)

It wasn't too hard to move it over. I'll happily help if you like.

(And you don't have to pay for hosting, just for the domain name, which you've already done)

Nathan said...

Shawn, The answer is yes and no. The page that (I think Jeri) pointed to does have the instructions. However the page of instructions for doing it with a GoDaddy domain uses slightly different names/nomenclature for stuff than the GoDaddy site does.

I'm going to get on the phone with a GoDaddy tech tomorrow and get them to walk me through it.