Monday, March 31, 2008

Stuff I Haven't Talked About Before.

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Based on the responses I got to my post about the possibility of me posting about American Idol, I know that most of you are TV snobs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, You don't watch TV. Well, I do. And I've got a new favorite.

Fox (go figure) has a show that's been on for four or five weeks called New Amsterdam. You can read the Wiki article, for an explanation, but I'll try to tell you what it's about (apostrophe for MWT). John Amsterdam was born in the mid-1600's and he's immortal. Some Native-American chick told him he wouldn't age until he found his one true love. He's currently a NYC homicide detective. Each episode has him solving a crime and flashing back to his past lives. He also hangs out with a really old bartender who happens to be his son from a marriage in the 1940's.

It turns out that sometimes he clues in his family that he'll live forever and sometimes makes sure a relationship falls apart so he can maintain his secret. There's a terrific scene where he's attending his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and he says, "I'm John; I'm an alcoholic and I've been sober for 15, 330 days". Since he looks like he's in his early 30's, this takes the group by surprise.

There's also the plot line where he's sure that a doctor who treated him for a heart attack (he died on the table and then woke up and walked out of the morgue), is his one true love. She's in a bad marriage and wary of him. Last week, he admitted to her that his big secret is that he's 400 years old, but, of course, she doesn't believe him and wants to know what he's really concealing.

Last night's episode had him taking down a mobster who he realizes is his Great-great-grandson from another of his past-wives...a woman who left him with their son when he had an affair with a woman who was modeling for him in his incarnation as a painter. It turns out she realized she was aging and he "looked and acted just like the day they met".

This all sounds terribly convoluted and I'm sure I'm not explaining it very well, but this is a terrific show. So far, each episode reveals more about Amsterdam's past (proper apostrophe for MWT and Shawn), and unlike a lot of shows, this one seems like it has unlimited possibilities for future plots.

Give this one a look. Each episode stands on its own without many needless cliffhangers, so you should be able to catch up without too much brain-bending. I will warn you that you actually need to pay attention when you're watching, otherwise you'll be lost really quickly.

I'm about to hit the "publish" button fully realizing that this may be my least coherent post ever. But I'm OK with that. Just watch the friggin' show and we'll talk about it next week.


Anne C. said...

I like that show too, Nathan. I didn't watch it last night because I was talking to someone on the phone (and like you said, it's good to pay attention), so I recorded it on my TiFaux. I'll make sure to keep current on it so we can discourse intelligently on it. :)

Tom said...

I had the pilot (I think) recorded on my PVR (Personal Video Recorder), and a couple of days ago I finally got around to watching it. I agree, Nathan, that it has a lot of possibilities, especially since you've so nicely filled me in on some of the things I've missed that have happened since the pilot. So I'll be adding it to my "record all episodes" list for the future.

I just wish I'd gotten around to watching the pilot earlier so I could have recorded the episodes you detailed. Oh well.

So Nathan, Anne, and I can have intelligent discourse (well, at least they can) on something the rest of you will know nothing about! Bwahahahah...

Nathan said...


If our discourse is going to be intelligent, I'm not sure we're allowed to do it here.

Anne C. said...

Hey, you said we could break the rules... ;)