Friday, March 28, 2008

Pardon Me While I Yawn In Your General Direction.

Another day, another blog post. I knew when I started this thing that I might have trouble coming up with content, but I had no idea how hard it really is coming up with stuff to babble about. You'd think the world would throw interesting stuff at me often enough to come up with one thing I thought was amusing enough, or infuriating enough, or retarded enough to holler about once a day. Well, I've been watching the Today Show and I've scanned Fark and I just don't give much of a crap about anything going on in the world today.

A sampling of what I don't care that much about? NBC has been flogging tonight's Dateline. Their main story is the one about those two girls who were mid-identified after a car crash. One family was told their daughter had died and had a funeral. Another family held a bedside vigil for the wrong girl in a coma. Hey, I think the look pretty similar to begin with. Throw on a bunch of bandages, some swelling and bruising and I'm not surprised they could have been mistaken for each other. Yawn.

There's also the story about someone taking potshots at traffic on I-64 in Virginia. This quote caught my attention. "We're talking the mountains up here, and the first thing you usually think of is drunk rednecks." Beyond that...not so interested.

Governor David Paterson has gone a day or so without revealing any other potential problems. Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer has gone a week or so without being arrested for anything. And Ex-Governor Jim McGreevey hasn't publicly committed any patriotic homosexuality in I don't know how long. My area Governors apparently don't give a shit whether or not I have anything to blog about.

The Daily Mail is all aflutter about cottage cheese. I'm not even sure who Mischa Barton is, so I'm bored. Yawn.

I mean, Jeez. As far as I know, nobody in Wisconsin even did anything worth writing about. I can usually count on the Cheeseheads. Slackers!

I'm going back to bed. Wake me up when something happens.

In the meantime, I'll let Life Below The Line entertain you. Most of it rings true.

Update!! I forgot to update the "This is National....Day" and discovered that its National Something On A Stick Day! If that's not worth getting excited about, I don't know what is. I'm gonna go right out and celebrate this auspicious occasion.


vince said...

NBC has been flogging tonight's Dateline.

Oo, oo, public flogging! Flagellation, even!

Do they do this to the music of Flogging Molly? That would be most way cool!

More caffiene, I must have more caffiene!

Nathan said...

Vince, I believe I'm paraphrasing Eric here, but "Imagine I said something witty and imagine I posted it here."

That's the best retort I've got at the moment.

(And yeah, Flogging Molly is pretty cool.)

Anonymous said...

Is National Something on a Stick limited to food items? I'm envisioning politicians-on-a-stick - with the grill set to extra-high.

You'd want it well away from inhabited areas, I've heard the smell of burning bullshit is downright awful.

Nathan said...


I didn't see anything about it being limited to food items, so as far as I'm concerned feel free to put anything on a stick you like.

I may take my copy of Shallow Graves and impale it on a stick.

Eric said...

So wait, that car accident mixup--there's a T.C. Boyle story where that happens, no shit. So is this old news being recycled, or is this recent life imitating art? Coz the Boyle story was anthologized in Tooth And Claw in '05 (before that, it appeared in Playboy, but I'm not digging through my back issues to see when if I have it).

See, it's not really that big a deal for life to imitate art... unless it's a T.C. Boyle story. Then it's kind of fucked up. Of course, a lot of Boyle's stories are loosely based on real life... but it still follows, since Boyle only seems to pick screwed up subjects like Kinsey and Kellogg and Stanley McCormick. So either way that's kind of messed up, is all I'm trying to say.

Nathan said...

Yup Eric,

It really happened. I think it was about a year ago.