Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Got Nothin'

Really. Nothin'.


I don't like riding in a convertible. Don't like all that wind in my hair and face. How 'bout You?

I like peas with pearl onions in 'em. (Actually I like onions with practically anything...but not with chocolate.)

I'm not big on fish, but I especially can't stand the idea of fish for breakfast...except lox on a bagel. That's good.

Feel free to comment on any of my likes and dislikes. Feel free to tell us a few of your own.

Please help maintain the mundanity of this thread. (It is so a word!)


vince said...

Actually I like onions with practically anything...but not with chocolate.

I'm of the same mind. Onions make anything non-sweet better. And Vidalia onions are the best. Like a Vidalia onion and crab soufflé. Or you can make a great cream soup from them with heavy cream, sherry, and the seasonings of your choice.

I also like fish, as long as it's cooked. Sushi is not my thing. In fact, cooked is the way I like most foods with the exception of fruits. Fruits are best raw (although fruit pies are not to be sneezed at).

Anonymous said...

Mmm... one of my favorite breakfasts is an omelette with smoked salmon, cream cheese, fresh dill and green onions. This would be the dryer, hot smoked Northwest kind of salmon, not the wetter, sliced cold smoked lox.

And mmmm... onions.

My two pet dislikes are anything soggy - I don't eat cereal with milk - and processed cheese.

Anne C. said...

Here's something wierd: I like corn on the cob, but not corn off the cob. I think it comes from a childhood of having corn on the cob from the roadside stand. Mmmm... makes me a bit homesick.

Random Michelle K said...

Not only do I dislike convertibles, I don't even like riding with the windows down. But not because I don't like wind--I love the feel of speed--I just don't like the hair consequences.

Once went for a ride in my friends jeep with the top down, and forgot hair restraints. By the time we got home my hair (which was barely shoulder length) was a mare's nest; it took 30 minutes and half a bottle of conditioner for us to get the tangles out.

This is why I usually wear a hat, and carry pony tail holders on my key chain.

I love fish. Yum yum yum! Seafood is the reason I never seriously considered becoming a vegetarian.

Wait... do you eat seafood? I mean, do you keep kosher? I mean, if you don't mind answering. Did you eat it growing up? Maybe it's an acquired taste? Am I being to nosy?

Nathan said...

Not a really big fish eater. I grew up keeping kosher but don't any longer. Love shrimp and lobster. clams chopped up in sauce or chowder but not the whole big chewy things. Calamari, yum. sushi and sashimi, also yum.

And guys. I asked for mundane and you've all come through like troopers. Bravo!

MWT said...

Hmm... I'm not a big fan of lots of wind in my face, though through my hair is okay. Rode on the back of a motorcycle once and that was too windy. The people I was with seemed to find it incomprehensible that I would've preferred some kind of face-shielded helmet.

Right is Right said...
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Right is Right said...

Onions are the perfect complement to any dish, aside from desserts. I love Maui Onions slow cooked with a Pork Roast.

Although I fancy a pork roast on occassion, I cannot tolerate pork chops. Strange.

Also, not a fan of any chicken product in an egg dish. It's akin to a chicken eathing its young.

MWT said...

In completely unrelated news, the apartment complex is putting up decorative shutters around all the windows. They're these cheap plastic looking panels that they're just nailing into the walls on either side, that match the roof color. I suppose it makes the place look better but I'd rather have working shutters than fake ones.