Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Schmorgasboard

Rolling Rock beer claimed it was going to put its logo on the full moon last night with a laser projector. I took a look and didn't see anything. Anybody else know anything about this? And if you look at the parties they sponsored, you may note that one of them was right there in the thriving metropolis of Parker, CO. Anything you want to tell us Janiece. Is your head OK this morning?

Second on the list today is the Asshats at Lauer Custom Weaponry Click on the "Bloomberg Collection" button on the left to see the "Brooklyn Blue" and "Manhattan Red" and all the other models. This is meant as a slap at Mayor Bloomberg for him daring to sue some Gun Stores that sold weapons without following federal regulations and then those same guns showed up involved in NYC crimes. Now, I don't care which side of the Gun Control argument you're on, but does anybody think a hand gun painted to look like a toy is a good idea? I mean, even if you think all law abiding citizens should be given a .45 with their Social Security card, do you think we should be making it harder for cops to tell the real thing from a toy? (BTW, Fark has its "Florida" tag. I'll be paying extra special attention to Wisconsin.)

Lastly, at least for the moment, I got an email the other day from someone I know telling me they liked my review of Shallow Graves. When I emailed back asking why "J" didn't just say so in the comments, "J" replied, "I'm shy". C'mon everybody, help me drag that lurker out of the shadows. And while we're on the subject, all other lurkers (I know you're out there), are invited to say hi.

That's all I've got for the moment. GF and I are going to spend the day spending the pile of Gift Cards that've been sitting around since Christmas.


Tania said...

I thought I posted this early this morning, but apparently not!

Welcome J! Please don't be shy, we're a friendly bunch. Though we sometimes use coarse language.

Nathan, I'm guessing you're not a fan of this?


Nathan said...

I'm not sure why and it may make no sense, but I've got a much bigger problem with the handguns.

Somehow, if I was a cop and saw a grown man on the street with a Hello Kitty AK-47, I'd just shoot him out of principle. :D

And don't worry about J being squeamish about language.

kimby said...

"J"... I was a lurker too for a while, but i can personally vouch that we don't bite...all except for maybe Shawn...and I am pretty sure that he has had all his shots.

Hi to the rest of "the family"..did you miss me while i was off sick? you still have some of that Vodka lying around?

Jeff Hentosz said...

Yeah, c'mon J, out yourself. Just say "Hullo," to start. Easy.

And don't worry for a second about the little window that pops up on all our screens showing your Social Security number, birthdate and mother's maiden name. Most of us hardly ever copy that stuff down.

Nathan said...


I almost put you on double-secret probation over on Whatever, too. Then I remembered I have no awesome powers there.

Jeff Hentosz said...

What did I do there?

You're a stern one, you are.

Nathan said...

You delivered a most enjoyable zinger. Don't remember the detail but it was worthy of a noogie.

Random Michelle K said...


Sit! Have vodka! Miska shall pour one for you, one for me, and one for J!
Vodka is good for all!

kimby said...

Thanks Miska.
I am sure that your Vodka will be better for me than the multitude of drugs i have been on for the last few weeks.
Or at least it will taste better!

Nathan, I have not forgotten about your Gingersnaps...but i thought you wouldn't want them germ infested.

Nathan said...

Hey guys,

I'm all for comaraderie and all, but isn't it a little early for vodka?

Mmmm! Gingersnaps.

Janiece said...

It's never too early for vodka and gingersnaps. Hmmm...gingersnaps...

And I don't know what you're talking about IRT the Rolling Rock party - this is the first I heard about it.

The Smart Man and I were watching "Dead Like Me" DVD's that night...

And J? C'mon. Say hello. You know you want to.

Nathan said...

Well Janiece,

I think they're doing it again next month. :)

And I see you subscribe to the theory that its 5 O'clock somewhere.

kimby said...

Given the time differences, i am sure one of us had to be in the right time zone for drinking vodka.
My kids seemed to think that 7am was the appropriate time for consuming chocolate. And they aren't LITTLE..ok they are a bit little..but OLD enough to know better than to eat chocolate BEFORE breakfast.

Tom said...

Vodka, not so much.

Chocolate... Ginger Snaps! Tom like chocolate and ginger snaps.