Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Believe It's Called a Saute' Pan.

Last night GF arrived home and said, "Mmm, what's for dinner? That smells good." I proudly showed her the pan filled with Kielbasa, peppers and onions.

Then she said, "Didn't your doctor tell you you're supposed to be cutting back on fried foods?"

"I didn't fry anything," I said. "It's saute'd."

It made sense to me.

Just got the following email re: "Your Dinner Tonight"

Yup. When Nathan is left to his own devices, things go WILD here. Can you say Hamachi?


Tania said...

I think it's rather sweet. But I'm a sap. :)

John the Scientist said...

Uni! Uni! Uni!

neurondoc said...

Mmmmm, Sushi. Then again, it could be stinky tofu...

Anne C. said...

Hee! That is so cute, Nathan (both the "it's not fried, it's saute'd" and the message about sushi).

And I love sushi! Can I come over? ;)

Nathan said...

Of course you're welcome anytime Anne...but I licked the plate clean. Not a grain of rice left. No worries, though. There are three really good Sushi places in the neighborhood.