Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Middle of the Road is a Great Place to Get Run Over.

I don't have time for a lengthy post right now, but Tina Brown has a post up (published Monday 2/9), on The Daily Beast that's worth taking a look at. Much of it is summed up in the second paragraph:

"I for one hope he dumps his obsession with “bipartisanship.” It’s time for him to recognize that overrated concept as what it was: a campaign theme designed to sharpen the contrast between his own reassuring serenity and the Republicans’ crazed, kill-’em-all negativity. It worked—but now the election’s over."
I think I (mostly), disagree. A lot has been made over the fact that Obama doesn't seem to be getting the benefit of the traditional honeymoon granted to the newly elected. McCain and his fellow Republicans certainly didn't wait long to pull off the gloves. And don't even get me started on blowhards like Rush Limbaugh who, as far as I'm concerned is just barely skirting the line between free speech and treason. (No, I'm not going to start making a case for trying to shut his piehole, but couldn't he even pay lip service to the usual spirit of "we lost, they won, let's give them a chance?")

I actually see nothing wrong with Obama continuing to champion bipartisanship. I like that he intends to make the Wednesday cocktail session at the White House a weekly event. He promised something different and if he bails on his efforts to reach across the aisle, he'll be reneging on part of that promise.

I do think he should get a little more hard nosed about what he's willing to give up to Republicans in return for a measley three votes in the Senate and zero in the house. The fact is, he's going to get what he wants with or without the the folks on the right. Continuing to take the high road costs him nothing and shows a commitment that he's going to do things his way instead of gleefully turning the tables on the school bully.

Let everyones' voting speak for itself and we'll see where it gets them when the next mid-term elections roll around.

Your thoughts?


vince said...

I absolutely agree. One of the (many) problems with Bush was his "for us or against us" attitude and his absolute disdain for anyone who didn't agree with him. Obama is trying to be inclusive. It's one of the many things that makes him the anti-Bush. And I'm grateful for it.

Jim Wright said...

what Vince said.

and you know my stance on what the GOP has because.

Janiece said...

And the UCF Hive-Mind continues unabated.

And I think Jim means to say "GOP has become"

Stupid fingers.

Tania said...

I'm with you guys. I'm tired and cranky right now, and I've been reading drivel about God and the USA being a Christian nation and I want to become a ranting harpy.