Friday, February 20, 2009

It's An Experiment.

I've changed the privacy setting on my Sitemeter so that anyone can look at my many visits, who's visiting, etc.

1.) I'm not sure why I had it set to private before.
2.) I'm not sure why I'm making it public now.
3.) I'm not sure I'll leave it that way (or change it back).
D.) Do any of you care? have any opinion whatsoever?
5.) That last was an invitation to weigh in on this, oh so weighty issue.
5a.) Was the comma in the right place in that last sentence?

P.S. I'm out scouting on foot today (walking, subways, buses) and my backpack will have my notepad, a bunch of printed out leads, my camera, a book (entertainment on the trains), and my laptop. This weighs too much, but since I'm meeting the Powers-that-Be at 6:00 pm, I don't want to have to come back to Brooklyn before heading to their Mid-town hotel. And while it's not really that cold here today, it is windy as hell, so I expect to periodically adjourn to various coffee shops and check in here. (Hopefully, I'll also be uploading new photo files for them to look at when I meet with them, since...well, that's what I'm being paid for.)

P.P.S. I doubt any of you really give a shit how cold, windblown or weighed down I'm going to be today, but it truly sucks trying to make phone calls from a refrigerated wind tunnel with noisy tractor trailers driving by. Yes. this is a pathetic attempt at garnering pity.


mattw said...

Regarding the comma in item five, I believe it's unnecessary, unless you want to have a pause in the sentence there.

Regarding windy and cold, puuuuhhlease, it's only 15F here today, and tonight or tomorrow we're getting more snow. (I'm going to shut up now before Jim tells me how wussy all us Chicagoans are.)

As far as the site meter goes, I don't even have one on my site (maybe I should) so I probably wouldn't look into yours, but I'm sure someone will find it interesting.

Random Michelle K said...

No. A comma was unneeded.

Jim Wright said...

Weather? We're going to kvetch about weather

Don't make me break out the "I live in Alaska" thing, City Boy.

Jim Wright said...



Eric said...

The comma is only necessary in that sentence is addressing somebody. I.e., apparently you want somebody who is someone's heavyset child (their "weighty issue") to opine.

If "weighty issue" referred to the matter (as opposed to spawn) of the Sitemeter settings, then the comma was unnecessary and confusing.

Since I abuse commas all the time, I probably shouldn't be offering the correction. On the other hand, I am my parents' weighty issue, unlike my sister (who is their svelte issue).

vince said...

Eric, the fact that you admit you have a comma abuse problem is a first good step. I'm sure there's a Commas Anonymous group somewhere near you.

Nathan said...

I'm not sure what Jim's second comment is actually referring to.

And I don't care how Alaskan or Illinois-an (Illinois-ish?) any of you guys are. When it's windy to begin with and your spending most of your day near the's fucking cold enough.

Also, I've decided to keep the comma. He followed me home and he's just kinda cute.

MWT said...


MWT said...

Hmmm... I should edit that into my smiley dictionary. Then Demento Dog really will be famous. :D

(but possibly not right away. I don't get that many hits on it...)

mattw said...

You have a smiley dictionary?

MWT said...

Done! :D

Yep. ;) Nathan liked it so much that he has it linked in his sidebar. I get hits on it through there quite a bit.

Tania said...

Poor Nathan. Would you like some cocoa and a sympathetic ear?

Well, you're shit out of luck here. I'm finishing up my coffee and Michelle has just pointed out that she'll be going to bed when I'm getting done with work tonight. So buzz off!


Janiece said...

Demento Dog - the new smiley.

I'm sure SmartFriend will be delighted.

And that comma? Drop it like a dress on prom night.

Jim Wright said...


BTL said...

It was hella windy today and yesterday. I'm glad I was helping to film a giant foam tongue on a nice warm soundstage.

I like your bloggage a lot. I'm gonna have to come and read this page more often...

Nathan said...

Hey BTL, Thanks. (Kewl, a mutual admiration society)