Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Yorkers Bitch A Lot. The Proof Is In.

Not long ago, I mentioned that New Yorkers bitch a lot...and with good reason. And while I had no illusions that I had hit upon something unique, I had no idea that there was a website devoted to the concept.

May I present Their "About" page really says it all:

"On this space log, you will find examples of socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face."

Peruse some of their archives. Enjoy. And not all of the bad behavior they spotlight is relegated to New York. I think you can find universal misbehavior worthy of a punch in the face. And I know that some of my readers are just the ones to initiate the punching.

Disclaimer: This site takes no responsibility for any behavior on your part in response to reading this or the linked site. Any punching you may perform or return punching you may receive are your own risk and nothing here should be seen as implying that such actions are encouraged or solicited.

Disclaimer #2: I hope I have in no way implied that the linked site is or is not encouraging or soliciting your punches in the faces of those deserving souls described. I have not, in fact, read their policy with regard to you taking action based on their highlighting various forms of obnoxious behavior. I suggest you search it out prior to taking any such actions and further state that, in this regard, you and they are on your own.

Disclaimer #3: While I acknowledge that any face punchers influenced by this or by the linked site, may have a morally defensible position that they are merely acting in Karma's place in the here and now, I make no representations as to the legal defensibility of that position. Please consult a legal professional for guidance in your jurisdiction.

More Disclaimer-ey Stuff: While I realize that (to my knowledge), the linked site does not have "face punching" as one of its punchable behaviors, I assure you that there are a great many people in America and, indeed, worldwide, who will take being punched in the face as an invitation to return the favor. Furthermore, in the heat of the moment, it is highly doubtful that they will give you the opportunity to explain exactly why they had it coming and to internalize the message before responding in kind. If you find yourself so moved to punch anyone in the face, (and I'm not making any such suggestion), I do however suggest that you either punch hard enough to forestall any reciprocation and/or to run at great velocity immediately after imparting your lesson plan.

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