Thursday, July 10, 2008

And, There's A Winner!

Who is it? It's Jim! No, it's not. It's Shawn, and his reverse-way-back-machine. I would have posted the entire page, but it's like a set of mapquest directions to Shawn's no.

And Michelle takes the side bet, having missed by all of 16 freaking minutes.

And my Entourage email bouncy thingy went fucking nuts the minute this happened, and I'm ignoring all of you until I post this...with, at least, mostly correct spelling.

Tomorrow, I'll figure out how to actually put the prizes in the winners' hands.

Shawn, you scare me!


Anonymous said...

I was here too, I just couldn't get it to count a new visit for the last couple of hours. So I've been in and out watching the action.

Congrats Shawn. :)

Shawn Powers said...

Yeah, I figured the sitemeter thing would keep track of my IP address, so I watched like crazy at work, and when it got close, I came home. :)

Nathan, I'm guessing there is like a 2 hour visit from a different IP address that belongs to a school in Michigan. :D

Er, um... I mean, due to my time travel several days ago, I know the exact time to visit the site. Yep. That's it.

Shawn Powers said...

Oh, and as far as directions to my house? Well, I sorta made that a moot point when I posted this over at Linux Journal. ;)

mattw said...

Congratulations Shawn, your time travel abilities are mighty indeed. Do you have a movie picked out?

Nathan said...


When you come in on one page and don't navigate to another, your visit is registered as 0 seconds.

My tracker-fu needs work.

Shawn Powers said...

Unfortunately, that's the way the tracking cookie crumbles. As far as the web server (and tracker) is concerned, the visitor didn't stay at all. The only way to track length of stay is to do the math on subsequent clicks.

It sucks, but you're not alone, most of my visits are 0 seconds too. It just means they came, read, and left.

Oh, and none of the cinemas in my area allow for online purchases. Go figure. As it happens, I'm taking my lovely wife out to dinner and a movie tomorrow anyway, where we'll be watching "Get Smart". (I wasn't banking on the win. Er, I mean, since I knew I was going to win I planned a cheap date, yeah, that's it)

Since my local theaters are stupid and backwoods -- what are your thoughts on substitute prizes? Say... maybe a book off the famous Gendzier bookshelf? It *would* add another string to the hairball... :D

Tania said...

Yay Shawn! Yay Michelle!

And heck, I can feel ok, because I called the WRONG Jim Wright, and that made the evening a little more surreal for someone. And that's what the UCF is all about, right? Wright?

vince said...

Congrats to both Shawn and Michelle!

Jim Wright said...

This stinks worse than the republican 'win' in Florida. Funny how the computer/IT/Linux guy 'won,' isn't it? SiteMeter doesn't by any chance run on a Diebold machine, does it? I demand a recount. I demand it.

And thanks, Tania, for blowing my cover. See, there are two Jim Wrights in Palmer, Alaska. I really don't like the other one, the bastard, and I figure when they come to kill me, they'll get him by mistake. But, nooooo, Tania has to go and let the cat out of the bag, and my plan has gone completely to hell.

Paranoid? Who? Me?

Congrats, Shawn, you lucky, lucky guy.

Tania said...

Hey, there are a lot of Jim Wright's in Alaska. I show 19 listings. I think we can disguise your existence.

There's a Jim Wright in Wrangell.

Or you're really an attorney. What about the Jim Wright that's an attorney in Anchorage?? Or the other Jim Wright in Anchorage.

Heck, there's a Jim Wright down the road from me on Eielson.

ANY one of those yahoos could turn out to be our own Jim Wright in Alaska.

Shawn Powers said...

Nah, he's a 14 year old girl, not a lawyer. He told me himself, and people on the Internets never lie. :D

Eric said...

Has Jim won yet?

Nathan said...

Shawn, You're certainly welcome to browse the Gendzier Library. I'll email you the link in a few minutes.

Late start this morning.

First coffee, ah!

Eric, knock it off.

Random Michelle K said...

What can I say? I'm a lucky guesser. Who was taking into consideration everyone on the west coast who is up past my bedtime. :)

And yay Shawn!