Monday, July 28, 2008

A Quick Observation.

Facebook wants me to join a walking group. The pitch is that for every hour of vigorous exercise, I can gain an hour of life expectancy.

I've got a counter offer. How about if I just enjoy the first hour in the first place and you keep the rebate hour. I hate rebates. If you want to give me something, just give it to me.


John the Scientist said...

Huh? Walking is not vigorous unless it hits about 4.5 mph. I highly doubt they are walking that fast.

So you are getting gypped at only about 30 minutes of life per hour.


Nathan said...


My normal walk is most people's power walk, so I'm definitely outdoing 4.5 mph. The thing is, I use it to get places. Not as a purposeful effort to buy more time.

John the Scientist said...

Yeah, but this walking group is going to stroll, is what I meant. False advertising. Every time you get more than 3 people together, the slowest person starts whining about the pace.

I walk a fast pace, too, when I'm going places. It's even better with 20 pounds of gear.

Nathan said...

Actually, I think they're just virtual walking anyway.

I've gotta go drive our Production Designer around to look at stuff for a few hours.

You kids play nice til I get back.

John the Scientist said...

Ah, one of those "I've walked farther than you have, nyah nyah" places.

I have a competitive straek, but I deal with it by punching people. :D

Random Michelle K said...

That's it. You both need to get pedometers and we can compete to see who gets the most steps per day.

John the Scientist said...

Multiplied by a weight factor, of course, so we are comparing energy expenditure to energy expenditure, right?


Random Michelle K said...

Nope. Because then you still can't take into account things like metabolism.

Just steps.

And my exercise pace is at the gym is between a 12 and 15 minute mile. 12 minutes if I'm walking fast, 15 minutes if I'm bitching and whining. Which is just as important as walking some days.

'Course I'm just doing it to keep the damned depression at bay, so the pace isn't really important.

Jim Wright said...

4.5MPH. Well, that leaves me out.

I limp, most of the time, so walking speed isn't my strong suit. I used to run 7 minute miles (gritting my teeth all the way, Dammit!) for Navy PT. But nowadays I don't have anywhere to be that requires speed, and I like it that way. Facebook probably won't want me. Damn.

John the Scientist said...

Well, Jim my goal is to score 100 on the USMC PT test when I'm 40. I can do one mile in 6:30, then the pace rapidly drops off to about 11 min / mile after that. So I've got a loooong way to go (and I turn 39 this summer).

But my injuries are primarily upper body, with the exception of an ankle I broke on someone's elbow throwing a front kick (I still won the fight).

And Michelle - metabolic rate differences are greatest for RESTING metabolism: in exercise, mass differences outweigh metabolic differences by almost an order of magnitude. :p

Random Michelle K said...

Yeah John, but unless I'm pushing it, my walking pulse rate is about the same as my resting pulse rate.

Then again, I do have a rather high resting pulse rate.

Jim Wright said...

Well, John, I'm well over 40 so I consider it good that I'm still walking period :)

And front kicks, Dude, what were you thinking? Spin kick, low, to the outside of the knee, just below the joint.

Or better, .45cal, from a distance, in the back.

Nathan said...

I like that we can always count on Jim for brutal efficiency.

And if anybody's sucked bat barf!

John the Scientist said...

Below the belt was not allowed in this ring, Jim. This was before I got into MMA. Whatchagonna do? Brown belts and teenagers think they know everything. Mix the two together... and you have the 17-year old me. I learned. Haven't thrown a front kick in anger above the knee / groin since.

Well except that one time I had a hold on both his arms and kicked to that guy's face...

Anonymous said...

Sucking bat barf? That has gotta be a new measure for low... better than "slimier than cat snot".

Hope it improves.

How about I get the extra years of life without the degenerated knees that will hamper my enjoyment of said extra years? How can I work that, is there someone I can bargain with?

Oh, yeah, swimming. And yoga. LOL