Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reader Participation Saturday!

...or Nathan demonstrates his utter laziness and lack of inspiration!

Uh...I have no idea what to blog about today. I've wandered about Stumble, looking for inspiration. I've searched Fark trying to find something to laugh or get all ranty about. I tried to think of some amusing anecdote from a movie I've worked on.

Guys. I've not nothing. Open Thread! (As if there's any other type here.)

Tell me what you want me to talk about.

Tell me what you thought of how Dr. Horrible turned out.

Tell me what you've done to make sure Shawn has an awesome birthday.

Think of something else to babble about.


John the Scientist said...

July 29, dude. How's July 29 look for you?

For our moment of truth at Spicy and Tasty.

Shawn Powers said...

You could make fun of me for realizing today that my driver's license expires on my birthday this year.

And it's the weekend.

And I have to catch a plane next week, where they will want to see my non-expired license.

(Thankfully, I don't leave until Tuesday, but it looks like I get chauffeured around on Sunday)

Nathan said...

John, we're way too far off from July 29th for me to schedule lunch. Ask me again next weekend.

And I'm really not at all sure I want to follow through with this. Normal Dim Sum sometimes gets me all oookey!

Shawn, I doubt TSA is going to look at an expiration date on your license...and even they should know that the license expiring doesn't cause you to somehow cease being you.

Shawn Powers said...

Don't be silly, Nathan, everyone knows the terrorists all have expired licenses.

Add to that the amount of electronic equipment I'll be taking as carry-on, and I'm bound for an anal probing...

Shawn Powers said...

Oh, and Dr. Horrible?


It was depressing. Don't get me wrong, I don't think everything has to have a fairy tale ending. The first 2 acts, however, were set up to be fairy tales. They were funny. The tone was lighthearted, whimsical, and almost like a cartoon in flesh.

Then it took a dark turn. Not a silly dark turn, but a sad one. Realistic in a way that was a bit off kilter in comparison to the rest of it.

My kids loved the first 2 acts. (I did try to distract them when Hammer talked about his... Hammer) The third one was just downright depressing.

I didn't hate it. I don't think it sucked. The end left me with a "meh" feeling. It was just disappointing.

Of course, your mileage might vary.

Nathan said...


I'm with you, Shawn. I think it went off its goofy rails when Dr. Horrible was told he had to kill someone to get into the League. Up to then, your watching silly evil doings go wrong and silly super powers (Moist).

Also, I was disappointed not to know who is already in the League of Evil and why it was so important for Dr. Horrible to get in. And BTW, every time Dr. Horrible was just talking to the camera in his lab, I thought I was watching one of Shawn's videos. That may have been the best part of the whole thing.

Tania said...

I watered my garden and told it to grow big and strong for Shawn's birthday.

Dr. Horrible - sigh. So sad and Whedon typical.

The video blogging did make me think of Shawn.

Nathan - the horse that is big horse. The set manager would have to deal with the horse poop, right? Because I grew up with horses, and I just see big poop machines when I see ponies.

Nathan said...

Jeez Tania,

No. Set. Manager.

The animal wrangler would deal with poop, probably with occasional assistance from set dressers and/or props dept.

(Location Manager must provide for disposal of poop.)

Tania said...

*slaps forehead*
Duh, the animal wrangler. Duh.

But you still have to figure out how to deal with the excrement? Damn, you do get the shitty jobs, don't you?

kimby said...

While i did think of Shawn while watching the good Doctor...the First one to pop into my head was ORIN THE DENTIST from Little Shop of Horrors....

Now of course, when i tried to load it up for Munch to see the last act, it won't load....perhaps too many people trying to watch it? (not a bad reason for it not to work, but to iTunes to buy the last act)

MWT said...

Yeah, the ending was depressing - although fitting for an aspiring evil villain. Though I was rooting for him to get the girl, not kill the girl. T.T

I've been spending most of my online time at eHow lately. I'm up to ten articles. Go look. :D

Random Michelle K said...


I liked it. (Dr Horrible [But Shawn's birthday also])

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That's life.

(rot 13)

Nathan said...

Michelle, I don't remember what the hell that is or where to find the translator.

Nathan said...


Is that the thing you were talking about a little while back? Do they pay you for entries?

MWT said...

Good thing she put in a link to the decoder in her comment then, eh? :)

MWT said...

Yeah, that's the eHow thing where I get paid if people read them (or at least click on them). A friend of mine is up to $1 per article per month on there.

I keep thinking I'll write one about tip jar thieves but haven't yet. ;)

Nathan said...

forehead slap on the link. D'oh!

And I clicked on two, but I'll go back and give you some more clicky goodness.

Nathan said...



I didn't get that as the point and if it was, it was a crappy point. I just thought it lost focus and went off the rails. I liked the goofy hapless Doctor from the first 1.75 episodes.

And even if I don't like where it went, I liked how difficult of a time Dr. Horrible had following through to actually kill Hammer and that Hammer didn't hesitate at all.

Random Michelle K said...

But that was just the point Nathan!

He wasn't really a bad guy initially, just misguided--and could easily have been turned from his path. But he ended up being pushed over the edge by a "good" guy who didn't hesitate to (attempt to) kill an unarmed man.

It was the so-called good guy who turned him evil (so to speak).

It's a story of redemption missed. Which is more fascinating to me than a HEA.

Nathan said...


MWT said...

Happily Ever After?

Yay clicky goodness! :)

Random Michelle K said...

MWT is correct. Happily Ever After.

Random Michelle K said...

Oh. What did I do today? Morning errands, read a book, took a nap, read another book.

Now I'm going to pick out what I'm going to read next, have a hot shower, and then go to bed.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I want to have a day like yours. Really badly. ::jealous pout::

For Shawn's birthday, I worked in the garden, worked on our deck and did laundry. Happy birthday, Shawn! ;)

Ouch, Shawn, on the license! Sounds like you'll be queued up at the DMV at 8:01am on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Finally watched Dr. Horrible. Pretty hilarious - but I like Joss Whedon's sense of humor, and love Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris. (Can I have my very own Nathan Fillion as a pet?)

The making-of-the-bad-guy arc is a very old story line - most recently seen on the big screen in Star Wars part III - and with probably equal camp and worse acting. ;)

I would have liked to have at least had a little more camera time on the Evil League of Evil around the big table, even if we weren't going to hear their stories and why it was so important for Dr. Horrible to join them.

'Cause shoot - I think they'd kind of be obstacles to him ruling the world. ;)

Anonymous said...

My family is now totally obsessed with Dr. Horrible. They have all downloaded it from iTunes and the musical theater geek is working on learning the music.

At any free hour of the day, one of them has it playing on their computer.

I have "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" stuck in my head."

Thanks. ;)

Nathan said...

You're totally welcome. But I wouldn' t have found it without
Shawn and Kate;
Too lazy to link...sorry.

I loved the songs in spite of not liking the ending.

And what are your doing here? I'm trying to have my first flame war elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

You didn't want me hijacking your flame war with Dr. Horrible comments, did you? It'd be like trying to use a malfunctioning freeze ray on your nemesis. ;)