Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UCFerness From Across The Pond and Kitty Screensaver Love.

I got home this evening to find snail mail from Ilya! I have to say I find this whole thing very cool and I'm somewhat shamed that I haven't sent anything to anyone yet.

I'll have to think about the whole theme 'cause I like to make a splash. Thanks Ilya. You brought a smile on an otherwise uninspired day.

And, I've mentioned that I have a new screensaver that shows dolphins leaping as if half my screen is filled with water. The cats are fascinated but can't understand that when the step up onto the keyboard, they wake up the computer and the dolphins disappear.

Teufel was especially pissed off about the whole thing.


Tania said...

The second picture, with Teufel on the keyboard, he looks disgusted and ready to come up with a cunning plan. Perhaps something involving a root vegetable.

Sub-Tropicaligal said...

I can't believe that cat has a Powerbook Pro....be careful Nathan, if she's anything like my cat Hazel she may use it to start a radical Maoist radio-station. I'm just warning you.