Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day Deserving of Its Own Post!

As mentioned in the previous post, we went to the Flea Market near our house again today. I had intended just to keep adding updates, but what the get a whole new post.

We started with the important

Does this look familiar? Yup! I had the hanger steak sandwich...again! Because it's tasty and it's steak. What could be better than that?

GF noticed that corn is now fruit!

Next we happened upon "The People's Popsicle" stand. Maybe they're communists? I don't know. You're looking at two different flavors. The one on the left...GF's, is Lime-Raspberry. Mine was Watermelon-Cucumber-Hysop. Did. Not. Like. And what the fuck is a hyssop?

I didn't eat any of this, but it sure looked good!

Oh, it's a flea market. I bet there's more than just food there. I liked this plate. There were a few more, but not enough to make a set.

I also liked these matching cabinets.

This is the camera my father had when I was a kid. It's "Double-8", meaning that the film had two frames of 8mm film side by side. You'd run it through in one direction and then flip it to run through from the "end" back to the "beginning"...exposing the other side. Also, it was hand-wound.

Back to food. Mmmmm! Tangerine Sorbet.

I also mentioned that there was a Street Fair in the neighborhood, and as promised, we headed over there next. Why don't you get any pictures of it? Because it was Lame. Tres-Lame. The Lamest of the Lame. Lame to a degree barely rising to the level of Lame. And there was no food all! What the hell kind of Street Fair doesn't have any food.

We walked down the one block of radiating Lameness and decided to move on. On the way home, we got to watch a guy open his car door into the street, causing a bicyclist to crash head over heels into the street and then almost get run over by another car. Much yelling ensued but nobody got hurt.

After a brief nap, (eating is exhausting), we went to see Hancock. I know it hasn't gotten great reviews, but we enjoyed the hell out of it. The casting is terrific and Jason Bateman steals every scene he's in. There are a couple of spots where the film starts to drag, but that's balanced by a completely unexpected twist and a really good ending. We had a blast.

Also, as mentioned over on the Hot Chick's blog, when we came out, there was a line of about 5000 12-year-olds waiting to see Hellboy II. I'm soooo glad we weren't there for that.

Did I mention that I found free parking on the street? Really free and really legal without any chances of getting towed or ticketed. What with the car safely situated, I thought I'd take a little time and visit the big-old bookstore next door to the theater.

Look at my loot.

It's almost time for me to go light the fire. I shall be grilling some lamb shanks for dinner. If you're real good, I'll post pictures later.

Update: You guys were all real good. Dinner...was not. I fucked up the lamb and created leather. pictures.

It really sucked.


Jeff Hentosz said...

I'm pretty sure a hyssop is a dog-sized rodent from South America or somewhere.

Nathan said...

I'm not sure whether or not you're right, but the taste wouldn't eliminate the possibility.

John the Scientist said...

Hey, I had an emesis-free dinner! Hope you had the same.

Nathan said...

Well, yeah John. There was no puke on my dinner. But that's the only thing good I have to say about it.

Jim Wright said...

Damn, I spent the whole day at the Sunday market in Anchorage - never occurred to me to take pictures, because then I could have stolen this post too. Dammit, dammit, and you know, dammit.

I we loved Hancock too. Fun movie.

Hyssop, isn't that latin for "three-week-old gym sock and toenail flavor?"

Tania said...

Hyssop? WTF? The flowers are pretty, but why would you want the flavor unless you were drinking Chartreuse or Absinthe? Weird, dude. Weird.

Sorry to hear about the lamb shanks and street fair (no food? what were they thinking??!). But at least the market was fun. And tasty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the street fair was a cover for something. Hey, let's have a yard sale, but call it a street fair so we get more traffic! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Watermelon cucumber hyssop? Blech. I would have stopped at the watermelon. One summer the hub made watermelon bourbon sorbet (the bourbon to keep it from chunkifying). Pretty darn good. LOL

Furthering John's emetic reference, from the old testament:

"Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." (Psalm 51:7)


Anonymous said...

Actually, coming back to this - there's a great blog thread in it. Meals we have massacred. I'm sure we all have great war stories from the kitchen. :)