Saturday, July 12, 2008

Charlotte Misner Continues...still.

Due to much other stuff going on in her life at the moment, Kimby has had to bow out of participating.

That means the next chapter will be from Tania.

She'll be followed by Saqib, then Jim and Shawn will finish off the first round (unless anyone else signs on before we finish the first round).

Once again, the loose guideline is that you get a week to write your chapter. Go faster or (reasonably) slower if you must. We're a patient lot.


Shawn Powers said...

Depending on timing, I too may have to bow out. I think that places my week during the first full week of August, at which time I'll be in San Francisco at LinuxWorld.

That, and I haven't read any of the story yet... sigh.

Random Michelle K said...


I actually held off on reading until it was my turn to write. I didn't want to get an idea of how things should go, and then have things turned upside down.

And I'm pretty sure we'll let you wait a week, but Nathan in the Big Boss so you'll have to clear it with him.

Or trade with Jim or something.