Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Government At Work.

So, a few minutes ago, I was slavishly looking over my stats. Due to being linked today and, I think, because of the contest, traffic has been rather brisk here today. So, one of my visitors got my attention. Someone who arrived here via Shawn's Blog, was surfing on a State Department server. My first thought, was, "Am I under investigation? Is Shawn?"

So, I decided to plug in the lat/long coordinates and see just exactly where this ping had come from. And then, I decided to switch to the "Aerial Image" view; you know, to see if the ping came from one of those super-secret satellite-dish farms.

Nope! This is the 8th Fairway at Torrey Pines Golf Course. Yay!

This tickles me!


Shawn Powers said...

I just looked, and that particular visitor came to my site from the HP video I put up on Linux Journal. (My site has gotten quite a bit of traffic from that video...)

They spent about a half hour on my site, going all the way to page 8 of my older stories.

The hits that have come to my site from Hewlett Packard IP addresses make me only slightly uneasy. :D

Steve Buchheit said...

Oh noes, that Dick Cheney's secured undisclosed location! Now the terrorists know! It's all over.

MWT said...

Heheh... I remember feeling that same bit of slight unease when I was criticizing Saturn's customer service. At least I can know for sure that my criticism was actually heard. ;)

Anonymous said...

How do you know that there's not a secret government bunker monitoring anti-American activities - maybe a Control outpost - concealed beneath the Torrey Pines golf course?