Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have I Just Been Spinning My Wheels?

So far, on the Show Which Shall Not Be Named, I've been posting pictures of various locations for the Designer and Director to look at. I've gotten a little bit of feedback based on the photos and I feel like I really know what we're looking for. I've hired an Assistant Location Manager and currently, I've got two scouts running around looking for stuff. I'm happy with the work they're all doing and I feel like we're making headway.

But later this morning, I'll find out whether or not we've actually achieved anything. Today is the first day I take the Production Designer to see some possible locations in person. We're going to see 8 different apartments and one Swim Center.

Right now, I've got a set list which details what sets are required for the movie, which scenes are to be shot there and some other details about each set. The far right side of the page is where the actual filming location gets filled in, with all of the contact information for the apartment, store, or whatever it is. The entire right side of every page is currently blank.

Hopefully, by the end of today, I'll be able to fill in two or three of those blank boxes on the right.

My fingers are crossed. Wish me luck!


Steve Buchheit said...

Good luck, Dude.

mattw said...

Good Luck!

Jim Wright said...

Good Freakin' Luck

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hate it when the moment of truth comes and I don't know whether I'm on target, off target, or not even in the right firing range.

Knock 'em dead anyway.