Saturday, July 12, 2008

PicLens is Made of the Awesome...Part I've Lost Count.

I whined in the comments the other day that I had no problem with the PicLens Team posting a link in my comment thread...since I'd been pimping them in the first place and was just too lazy to find their link and add it in the first place. I went on to whine that it would have been nice if they'd offered to try and fix my problem.

Guess what. I got an email from them offering just that. They wanted the url for my Smugmug site so they could look at it and see whether or not they could find a fix. This is me sending love of all sorts in their direction.

And since they're not at all lazy, I guess I have to return the gesture. Go download this finally, you lazy bastards.


Random Michelle K said...

Did it already.

In fact, impressed my boss with it, and so we're going to mention it when we come across people with a need for it.

Nathan said...


I used to read the NY Times technology section in the Sunday paper. They used to run a "useful website" section. One of the ones they ran was Long before the City of NY had property owners listed online, Oasis did it. You can imagine how valuable this was to me.

I waited two years before telling anyone else about it. Piclens is so cool, I could only shut up for about 6 months.

Hope you enjoy.

vince said...

I love it. It's my new favorite Firefox extension.

Shawn Powers said...

What does it do?

Sub-Tropicaligal said...

I just checked out the PicLens demo. I like it. Could be quite good for work. Thanks!

Nathan said...


Instead of going through a painfully slow slideshow of photos, you get a "wall" of pictures...three high by however many there are. You can scroll through on one to be on one to be full screen...etc. And it goes sooooo much faster.

You'll just have to look at it.

Random Michelle K said...


I'm using it for looking for images in my Flickr account, however it's amazing for any image search, including a Google image search.

Nathan said...


The only problem with using it for a Google Image search is that once you find the image you want, you can't "choose" it from the PicLens view. You have to go back to the browser page and then find it all over again.

Ah well...nothing's perfect.