Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixing & Matching

As has been noted in the previous comment thread, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! Reading the thread, however, it's not clear whether I should have more fun celebrating my birthday or going back to mid-town to try to find a wealthy octogenarian woman who's a little unstable and creatively tormenting her.

I'm going to take Vince's advice (even though he wasn't really offering any). Yup. I'm baking today...and I'm gonna do it like an eight year old. I'm going to peek under the towel every five minutes to see if the bread dough is rising. I'm going to get flour all over myself (ooops, did that already). I'm going to have something childish for dinner.

And I think I'll make this really work by setting the Way-Back Machine to 1968. I want me some verisimilitude. Damn! Wish I knew where my Slinky, Hula-Hoop, Clackers and Lawn Darts got to.

P.S. Once I hop in the Way-Back Machine I will temporarily cease to know the meaning, pronunciation and spelling of versi...very...smileytudes!

P.P.S. I think the poor old lady has had enough.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Nathan! You should totally open the refrigerator door just-the-teeniest-bit and see if the light stays on.

Tania said...

Happy Birthday!

Jim Wright said...

I think the poor old lady has had enough?

Where the hell is the birthday fun in that?

Look, it's your birthday. Do what we Irish would do, get totally shitfaced, and then go find the old lady and express your undying love, because only she understands you. Then offer to fight her husband.


Whatever, happy birthday, you big sissy.

kimby said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Mr Teak Hat Admiral Leader of the pack guy!
Happy Birthday to YOU!

(sung in my best Marilyn Monroe voice..a benefit of having been sick all last week!)

neurondoc said...

Happy birthday. Would you like a toaster?

vince said...

Happy birthday, and I offer chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Jim Wright said...

I offer kittens, your choice of deep fried or baked in lemon butter and garlic or surimi on rice cake...

Jeff Hentosz said...

In case you ever wondered what kinds of things you miss when you drive back-and-forth across the state one day and don't look at the interwebs hardly at all -- people's birthdays appears to be on the list.

Belated Happy Birthday, NG!

Anonymous said...

Belated happiness, Mr. Nathan!

I hope your new band got you something nice.

Nathan said...


I'll settle for a new post on your blog. Get crackin'.


Ilya said...

Happy belated birthday, Nathan! I hope it was properly verisimilitude-y.