Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Doings On The Internoobs!

Is this it? Nope!

Maybe this? Nah!

How 'bout this? He wishes!

This? Get real.

Last try. Not even close.

Yay! Vince is starting a blog. (No link yet, 'cause he's still slackerizing over there.)

Updates as available!


Janiece said...

Jeez, finally.

Vince, of course the UCF should be notified via e:mail with the URL when you're done fucking around and actually, you know, have one.

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure he's got it all ready to go. He's spent the last couple of days dither over whether his theme should be chartreuse or puce.

Then he keeps hitting Control, Apple, Option, and the number 8 (And that just gets him all undecided all over again.)

vince said...

Yeah, and let me tell you, since I don't own a Mac, hitting Control, Apple, Option, and the number 8 over and over again has been a bitch! However, I think I'm going with chartreuse. Or maybe puce.

vince said...

All right, I just sent an email to the ucfers group, but here it officially is:

Warning! I make no claims to it being ready for prime time.