Friday, July 18, 2008

Stuff. And Stuff.

First of all my street is being returned to me today. Yay pavement. (The rollers are making the whole house shake, but they'll be gone soon enough.) Then, I'm gonna run around the corner and get the car so I can be the first one to park on it. (Would that qualify as something that's really stupid to be competitive about?) Who cares!

Second, I saw this thing the other day. NYPD calls it Skywatch. The city has two or three of these things and they put them in locations where "there's been a spike in crime." This one is across the street from where folks go to ride the Circle Line, so I guess all those damned tourists have really been getting out of hand.

According to what I was able to find online, these things have all sorts of vision enhancing capabilities for the officer who is up there, and it records video all the time in case he misses something. And the windows are smoked, so you can't even tell if somone's in there at all.

I guess that's kind of impressive and stuff, but I'll wait till they come up with the version that goes tromping down 42nd Street on it's massive spider legs, and shoots lasers out of its ass.


Steve Buchheit said...

Yeah, but then you can just sneeze on it and it'll drop over dead. The non moving ones, on the other hand, are dangerous.

Jim Wright said...

Four or five more of those things, and some concertina wire and you'll be living in Escape from New York!

Then we'll have to start calling you Snake Pliskin.

Dude, seriously? Guard towers on the street? Fuck me.

Nathan said...

Freaky, isn't it?

kimby said...

That time is coming Nathan....I saw the Terminator preview at the show today.....there are some freaky looking machines in there.

Random Michelle K said...

Looks kinda like an AT-ST.

In which case you should hit it with a rock.

John the Scientist said...

Yeah, Jim. SInce when were NYers living in prison? Cameras recording you? Ananymous cops in smoked glass.

It's what you get when you disarm the city. Up here, someone would put a couple of .270 rounds through it.