Monday, September 15, 2008

And Then Came Denver!

I was thinking about what to blog about tonight. I had to be at work today at 4:30am and, let's be blew chunks. We got through it, but I've had some seriously anxious moments over the last two days. Let us never speak of it again.

So, I really didn't want to whine in detail about today (or the fact that my call tomorrow is 3:45am), so I was trying to come up with some happy thoughts.

Then the phone rang.

Three very drunken voices hollered in unison, "Hi, Nathaaaaaaaan!" I knew immediately I was talking to Janiece, Anne, and Michelle. (They claimed to have only had a drink or two so far, but it's my blog and if I wanna say they were falling down, face in the gutter, blotto, stinkin' drunk, who's gonna stop me?) And isn't one of them still pretending to be sitting in the dark in her living room with a shotgun?

Anyway, there was a SmartMan and a Michael (sorry, I'm not the one withholding a knickname) along for the ride and from the description of events, they were slowly edging to the other side of the room to enjoy their drinks in quiet anonymity.

I'll let the girls describe the visit in more detail, but it sounds like they started the day at a brewery tour (with samples), then geeked out at a museum, and then went to the bar because the buzz was wearing off. I'll admit I'm putting my own slant on this, but as I said, it's my blog. If they want to be sober, they can do it on their own damned blogs.

Anyway, it was a pretty teriffic way to end a really shitty day. Thanks UCF Rocky Mountain and Appalaichian Chapters.


Shawn Powers said...

I too got a call -- but unfortunately my day turned me into a bit of a fuddy duddy. My head hurts, tomorrow will suck (yes, oh yes it will), and I didn't get all the videos done I wanted to today.

Oh well, my lack of gusto couldn't put a damper on the Denver party methinks. :)

Nathan said...

I really think I overstated the drunkenness, but not the enthusiasm.

I'm just saying, if we all make it to Penguincon, you're going to be seriously embarrassed.

(Is that even possible?)

Random Michelle K said...

I'm glad we could make your day better.

After all, everyone else should be as amused and happy as we were!

(Writing from a Starbucks in downtown Denver, as our train is delayed.)

Anonymous said...

That would have been fun. I'm glad they brightened your day - and sorry that they didn't sufficiently help Shawn's.

Sounds like what Shawn really needed was a *video* of the revelry. Which he could then edit into a review of... something. A USB breathalyzer? ;)

Tania said...

I was in a meeting with my boss when you guys called. :(

But I had fun texting! :)

Anne C. said...

It was fun to finally talk to you, Nathan (and Shawn, however briefly). It's made me think more seriously on Penguincon. But if I don't make it, you're going to have to make some drunk calls or texting yourself. Won't that be fun! ;)