Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today Didn't Totally Suck!

The location we were at was excellent. By that, I mean that we were shooting at a large, busy institution that accommodated us in every way they promised to and more. We were never once held up by having to deal with their stuff, in spite of it going on around us and the fact that what they are there to achieve is a little more important than a film shoot, in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks to everyone who works there for coming through in spades.

Most of the other interesting stuff I could tell you, I can't tell you hear 'cause...well this is a pretty public forum. I'll err on the side of keeping my job.



Jim Wright said...

Oh sure, put your job ahead of entertaining us.

Glad things went better today, otherwise I would have had to spam your phone again tomorrow.

Nathan said...


The full story is in that other place.

Was that cryptic. It was meant to be. Those who need to get it...get it.

Rest of you? Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I hate alternate universe references.

Random Michelle K said...

OK, if the evil Jim Wright is in "that other place" where the hell is the not-evil Jim Wright?

Because after trying to put together that puzzle you sent me, you sure as hell ain't him.

Jim Wright said...

I didn't say I was not-evil. As far as you know I might be the eviler Jim Wright, or even the Extra Evil Jim Wright, or even the Bastard Flavored Jim Wright with Bastard Filling - the multiverse, Little Michelle, is infinite.


Eric said...

Yep, the Jim Wright here is definitely another evil Jim Wright.

How do I know this? Simple, really.

See, the Jim Wright here has said he's going to the evil universe to kick the other evil Jim Wright's ass. Now, if I learned anything from Star Trek, it's that superintelligent computers are easily confused by simple logical paradoxes. But that's not the only thing I learned from Trek. I also learned that Leonard "Bones" McCoy focused on medicine with such fierce intensity that during all his years of schooling he never wasted any time at all on anything non-medical like brickmasonry and rocket science, not even as a summer job to put himself through college or medical school. But that's not the relevant lesson, either. The relevant lesson that I also learned from Star Trek is that when a person from the matter universe comes into direct contact with his counterpart from the antimatter universe, both universes will be destroyed unless the counterparts can be caught in a tube that looks like one of those "acid flashbacks" from cautionary anti-drug films of the '60s and '70s.

Now, think about what else is going on in the world this week. That's right, Senator Obama said something about putting makeup on pigs, but I mean the other thing. That's right: the Large Hadron Collider was fired up this week. And what were some people scared of the LHC causing? That's right, the end of the world.

Now do you see?

Jim Wright, our Jim Wright, is soooooo evil, he's not only willing to kick his own ass to destroy the universe, but he also waited until he could frame a science project to do it.