Thursday, September 25, 2008

One More Day And I'm Outta Here.

Monday and Tuesday were our last two days of shooting on location. I got the company in on Monday morning and then left the set in the hands of the Loyal Minions so I could go to the office and begin wrapping the show. I didn't even put in an appearance on Tuesday.

Yesterday, they moved into the studio and I don't have any involvement with that.

So, just what do I have to do to wrap a show?

Lots of details, large and small.

Some of the contracts we have were executed by fax. Accounting needs original copies of each with the original signature.

Each location has to sign a "Release" when everything is done. It basically says, "You guys paid me all the money we agreed to and you put my place back together the way you were supposed to and now we're done with each other and I'm not going to sue you".

I have to find:
-the wireless headset that Sound left at one location.
-the grey hoodie sweatshirt the A.D. left at another location.
-the folding camp chair that Scripty left at yet another location.

I have to deal with a massive pile of parking tickets...some that will get excused because they were on the permit...and others that won't be excused because even with the permit, you're not allowed to park on the sidewalk...duh.

I have to pay to:
-restore a cedar chest that has some gouges.
-reframe some water-damaged photographic prints.
-have a persian rug cleaned.

I have to do my petty cash...again.

I have to make sure that all of my department's walkie-talkies and chargers have been turned in.

I have to give the laser range-finder and bolt cutter to accounting because they are considered recoverable assets. (I have no idea who in L.A. is going to be making use of the bolt cutter {or as I call it, the Big Red Universal Key}, but it's theirs, so we'll ship it.)

I have to make sure that all final checks have gone out.

And last, but not least, I need to produce a wrap memo that coherently lets others follow up on anything I can't get done before I'm finished here tomorrow.

The only thing I like about wrapping a show is that there's no pressure. Otherwise, it's mostly a pain in the ass.


John the Scientist said...

I have no idea who in L.A. is going to be making use of the bolt cutter

All I have to say is Cool Hand Luke.

MWT said...

So, nobody to yell at you first thing in the morning anymore?

Nathan said...

It's quite an adjustment to make.

Random Michelle K said...

Y'know, if you like I can arrange to yell at you every morning.

Just a service I'm willing to provide for my friends.

Anonymous said...

I could yell in the mornings too! I have tons of practice at ranting, comes from being a mom to teenage boys.

Would you like your rants via cell phone, audio file, written form, other option?

We at Smug Puppies live to serve.

Nathan said...

I'm perfectly happy not being yelled at before 11am. I don't need any help there.