Friday, September 26, 2008

The Final Act.

As my last act of goofing off at the office, I present you with a poem. A really, really bad poem, but a poem, nonetheless

'Twas a Morning
by Nathan Gendzier

'Twas a morning much like other mornings
but yet, unlike other mornings.

'Twas a wet morning.
Wet like the inside of a whale
filled with sloshing sea and inhaled krill.

'Twas a dark morning. something that is really dark.
So dark that when you saw it, you felt driven
to comment on the darkness of it all.

"Twas an uncomfortable morning.
Uncomfortable like an octogenarian with ill-fitting dentures
and an unquenchable yen for gummy-bears.

'Twas a morning of dashed hopes.
Hopes dashed on a rocky shore of locations wrapped
yet not wrapped...of furniture awaiting restorers,
of pianos awaiting the tuner,
of Accountants awaiting hard-copies,
of carpenters who have yet to complete their...carpentering.

'Twas a morning best left behind.
A morning not to be repeated.
A morning best committed to the deepest, darkest reaches
of days past and not to be recalled.

'Twas a morning that is over.
A fitting morning on which to end
this time-mired clusterfuck.

The End.

(Hey, I told you it would be bad.)


Anonymous said...

In my humble literary opinion, a poem that ends in the word "clusterfuck" is probably a work of unsung genius.

Nathan said...

Well, that's what I thought Jeri. Thanks for noticing.

kimby said...

nice use of the word "clusterfuck" Nathan. It is often hard to work that into literary situations!

Nathan said...

:takes a bow:

Actually, I was prouder of the gummy-bears reference. Hey, we're talking bad poetry here.