Friday, September 26, 2008

Various & Sundry.

Let's start with sundry. This is a funny word. I always thought of it as stuff that was dried in the sun. That would be wrong.

The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us that sundry is from the word sunder, as in "separate, apart or special". The link to sunder is also useful. BTW, I like the Online Etymology Dictionary and I use it often. Look around there. It's fun.

What else?

Somebody did a GoogleSearch yesterday that brought them to this post from my past. In case you weren't here, that over-reaction of mine was a response to this post from the previous day. At the time, there was some discussion that I had intended to tag Vince, but was thwarted in this goal by the tiny fact that Vince didn't have a blog at the time. Today, I rectify that oversight.

Vince, you're retroactively tagged. You need not pass this on. You are absolved of those parts of the rules. In fact, I implore you not to pass it on. But since you got off easy, lo those many months ago, I now command you to tell us Six Unimportant Things About Yourself. (Didn't know I could wield command? You obviously haven't been paying attention.)

I have to do some work now, but I'll be back later to make the Various & Sundry title more true. And don't get this confused with a Multi-Post Saturday. Those are completely different.


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vince said...

You wish is my command, oh my master. But it'll be a bit later before I do. Some of us have to work, ya know.