Thursday, September 18, 2008

Could This Suck Any More?

I didn't mean for this blog to turn into a blog about things that suck. If I had, I'd have named it Things That Suck, or Doesn't This Suck, or The Suck That Sucks. Something like that. But this morning, I'm sorry, the blog is about things that suck.

Try this on for size. Maybe you've been working too many hours. Maybe you've been getting up at really stupid hours and ultimately not getting enough sleep. Maybe last night you got home at a totally reasonable hour and instead of having to get to work at 4:00am (which sucks), you had to be at work really close to home at 6:00am, (which sucks much less).

So, you went to bed before 11:30 p.m. and set your alarm for 4:30am, allowing yourself a generous 5 hours of sleep. And when your alarm went off, you didn't even look at the clock. You just obediently got your ass out of bed, went into the kitchen and pressed the button to make the pot of coffee you had set up the night before. And not so many minutes later, you found yourself on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee and an episode of South Park on the tube.

And then, you checked out the computer to see if you'd missed anything important overnight. And the first thing you noticed was that it's only 2:30 am. And you have no reason whatsoever to be up so damned early. And the thought of going back to bed for two more hours just made you think of oversleeping and having a bunch of people pissed off at you in the near future.

We're talking the Theory of Relative Suck. Staying up when you got up too damned early sucks less than going back to bed and oversleeping. But it sucks nonetheless.

Yes it does.

Note: I promise to post non-sucky posts soon. Just as soon as any non-sucky events occur.



Shawn Powers said...

Oddly, I've been up since 2:30 as well. I have no explanation.

Nathan said...

You're prank calling people in France?

It's as plausible as anything else.

MWT said...

Heh, funny. If I'd known you guys were up, I would've said something. (Probably not to the extent of drunken calls, however.) As it is, it's just past 5am and I'm going to bed. ;)

Nathan said...

You guys are all up?


I'm going to work and I'll be early, but nobody will be bugging me for a while anyway. That won't suck.

MWT said...

*brushes teeth and compulsively checks back*

I live on Hawaii time. :)

Nathan said...

It's just coming up on 6:00am and I'm sitting on the front steps of the place we're going to shoot today. I was going to follow up on my threat and post a video, but I can't figure out how. "Photobooth" will take a still with the built in camera and iMovie wants an external camera hooked up. Anybody know how I could record video on the built in?

Anyway, I've got the set dressers taking an early call at 6, followed by the campers and trucks rolling in by 7. The crew shot late last night, so this morning's call got pushed. The rigging electrics will be here at 9 and crew call isn't until 10.

Also, there's a site on the web that likes to follow shows that shoot in Brooklyn, and I notice they finally found me. They don't realize that they've found me, but they have, nonetheless. BTW, this is our last day in Brooklyn. One more day in Queens, two in Manhattan and then they go into the studio for the rest of the NYC shoot.

Have a nice day all.

Nathan said...

That was kind of like another post wasn't it?


mattw said...

This quote might come in handy. It was on a rerun of the Simpsons last night. "...they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked." -Homer

Eric said...

"Could This Suck Any More?"


From Wikipedia:

The conditions for suck follow the Barkhausen criterion, namely that an oscillation occurs in suck whose delay is an integer multiple of 360 degrees and the suck is equal to or greater than 1 (both at the given suckitude). If the suck is greater than 1, then the suck can start to oscillate out of control, that is to say: suckitude without anyone actually trying. If the suck is large, but less than 1 then the suckitude will only be created with some inintial effort and will slowly decay.

Anonymous said...

It was me! I finally found Nathan!

Anonymous said...

Is finding Nathan kind of like finding Waldo?

And as cranky and overtired as Nathan seems to be lately, I'm not entirely sure I'd *want* to find Nathan. Until he's had a good night's sleep, some nookie and a decent breakfast.

vince said...

And as cranky and overtired as Nathan seems to be lately, I'm not entirely sure I'd *want* to find Nathan. Until he's had a good night's sleep, some nookie and a decent breakfast.

I would say that recipe would cure most cranky people.

John the Scientist said...

Eric- Aha, I always suspected that suck was a damped harmonic oscillator.

Nathan said...

Blogger is currently broken, so the only place I can talk is in the comments. I've got a followup post, but I can't do it until the glitch is fixed.