Friday, September 26, 2008

Morning Stuff.

Hey, look at the time.

I didn't set my alarm this morning. It's almost 7:00am and I'm having my first cup of coffee. How civilized is that? I'm heading into the office in a short while, but I'm in no hurry and I'll get there when I get there. I like that.

Also, if you missed Shawn's live Linux Journal Show, it's available here.

At 4:16 into the show, someone off camera informs Shawn that something's up.

And at 4:50 in, the pizza's I ordered are delivered.

The rest of the show is about some stuff or other. Go ahead and watch it. At the high water mark, there were more than 75 people in the chat room watching and one of them was Shawn's Mom. It was all very cool.

And speaking of family, I mentioned the other day that some of my family have wandered into here and were lurking. Well, my brother David de-lurked yesterday. Yay, new Polybloggimites!

Update 7:42 a.m.: It's absolutely pouring outside. I know the sun has come up, but it's still really dark out there. This is not a great inducement to get my ass in gear.

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