Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stuff's Gonna Happen. Take Two!

I did it again. My big clumsy hands hit some damned button and published a post that obviously wasn't ready to go out to the whole wide world. Usually, you only get to see it if you have the RSS feed. Today, I thought I'd leave it posted for everyone to glory in my incompetence. You'll find it below this post.

Laugh at me if you wish. Point fingers. Whisper behind your hands to each other. Go ahead. I can take it.

Now, on the the topic I meant to talk about. This will probably ramble on a bit, because, now that the movie is winding up, I need to recharge my batteries... but that, in itself, will partially illustrate my point. I'm not going to read back through the last few weeks of my blog, but I'm fairly certain that much of it reads like a Second Grade Report entitled, "What I did on my summer vacation."

I got up early. I was tired. It was dark. The movie Gods were mean to me.

Yeah, that kind of stuff. And that's fine. This is a place where I can just talk to you (or nobody as the case may occasionally be). But I prefer to write stuff here as often as I just babble on. I prefer to engage you guys and hopefully give you something to talk about. And, occasionally, I like to stretch my vocabulary and say whatever I'm saying in a less than obvious fashion. As I get back to my old self, I hope to get back to posting about more than my narrow, narrow slice of the world.

I'm also thinking that I should be coming up with a really good contest. I haven't a clue what it will be, but contests are a lot of fun. And let me take this opportunity to invite some Sponsors to provide loot for my contest. (Yesterday, Vince posted about stuff he thinks we should give him. I'm posting about stuff people should give me so I can give it to you. In yer face, Vince!)

Here's some ideas for folks whose Sponsorship would be gladly accepted:

An LG Plasma TV would be a cool prize.

Just about anything that Viking makes would be an excellent prize.

Maybe Expedia wants to let me give away a Vacation Package.

One of these would be absolutely awesome to give away!

And if one of those sponsors thinks I should be able to give away their product and to have one to keep for myself, I'd be fine with that too.

I'd also like to have another round-robin writing exercise if anyone is game. (I wouldn't be averse to reviving Charlotte Misner if anyone thinks that's a good idea, but she seems to have just petered out and maybe she should stay petered out? Opinions are welcome.) Ideas for a brand new writing thingy are welcome.

Anyway, I thought I had more to say in this post, (and maybe I did when I first started writing it), but this is all I'm ending up with for the moment. Sorry. Guess I need another week to sleep.
Oh, BTW, I've added Mark's blog, The Sweet Spot Cafe and Casino over on the sidebar. You may remember that Mark is someone I met a few years back when doing a small job in Seattle for the Oxygen Network. He was basically the guy who could find, fix, borrow or produce from scotch tape two safety pins and a wooden tongue depressor anything we needed...as long as we could wait 15 seconds. He's just started the blog and I think he's off to a great start. I'd be especially interested to hear what our Naval contingent has to say about his recent posts.


mattw said...

I'd be game for another round-robin, maybe some other genre though, but whatever works.

Glad everything's staring to ease up for you.

Anonymous said...

Nathan, I appreciate your kind, but exaggerated words. Working for you and Ronnie was a pleasure and the most fun I had all that year.