Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because All The Cool Kids Are Doing It.

And because it's unlikely to get me yelled at this morning!

I am a lemming following:


Carol Elaine

and maybe some others I'm forgetting to mention.

Go ahead. Jump on the bandwagon and make your own.


Matt Warnock said...

Does this call for a superhero round-robin? Or maybe a bunch of loosely connected stories featuring our heroes?

Random Michelle K said...

But what if I want to yell at you for something?

Let me try...


Capitalist pig! And your mustache is funny!

vince said...

Come on Michelle, you can do better than that!

Carol Elaine said...

Nice sporran, Vince! There's something about a superhero in a kilt.


Nathan said...

Uh, Vince?

Nathan's wearing the kilt.

Carol Elaine said...

Nathan, I'm so sorry! My brain is so scattered right now and it was Vince's comment before mine that caused his name to stick in my head, even though I know I was talking to you.

I still mean what I said, Nathan, even if I wrote the wrong name! Ain't nothin' like a superhero in a kilt and sporran to make the ladies swoon!

*off to find foot-from-mouth extractor*

Random Michelle K said...

Hey! I've been trying to work! Gimme a break!

Jeri said...

Nicely accessorized, Nathan. ;)