Friday, September 19, 2008

In Which Nathan is Found Filming in Brooklyn.

In yesterday's comment thread, I said,

"Also, there's a site on the web that likes to follow shows that shoot in Brooklyn, and I notice they finally found me. They don't realize that they've found me, but they have, nonetheless."
I was referring, of course to this post over on Filming in Brooklyn. As you know, if you're a regular, I've been posting about this job for a couple of months now without ever going into any specifics. I said I wouldn't even reveal the name of the show until, it showed up somewhere else. (IMDB still doesn't have it.)

Well, yesterday, I got nailed. Walking up to the set, I saw a familiar face. At first I couldn't quite place her, but it was obvious she knew who I was and was walking straight toward me. And then it dawned on me. I knew her from her pictures on her own blog. It was Amy, herself, keeper of Filming in Brooklyn. I said hi and asked if she could wait a minute because I was in the middle of some minor crisis or other. (There's always some minor crisis or other.) So she waited a minute (or 45) until I had a calm moment.

As becomes apparent, she used the waiting time to snap some shots outside of our set (we were all interior yesterday). When I came back, we had a nice chat (mostly about some people we know in common and about how she finds the shoots she features on her blog.) BTW, Amy, we don't call them cherry pickers, we call them Condors (which truthfully. is like calling all tissues "Kleenex" after the brand name Condor, but that's your one insider tip you get from me.)

Here's her post about yesterday's visit.

Note: If you expect the floodgates to fly open re: me talking specifics about this job, you'd be wrong. You'll get pretty much the same thing that anyone walking down the street gets when they ask me "What're you shooting?" The answer is, "It's a TV movie called Unorthodox. It'll be on TV in January". (Sometimes I say its a Mayonnaise Commercial if I'm in a snotty mood or just don't want to be bothered.) I'm still constrained by my deal memo from speaking about any particulars of this movie, so I'll continue to be vague, cryptic and downright un-forthcoming.


Anonymous said...


On the next edition of "Where in the borough is Nathan?"...

Nathan said...

Anybody know who the Filming in Queens chick is?

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...that would also be me. And the Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Clearly there's an empire to be had here, but first I have to figure out how to cover Brooklyn and still have clean clothes for my family every morning.

Tracy said...

Amy, you'll have to get 'Fringe' to clone you. Or I'll have to move to NYC to help you. ;-)
Btw, was it just me, or was the eyeball scene less gory on Tues than when we saw it On Sat @ the festival? Maybe I was just used to it, but it didn't seem as gross.