Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll Bet You Thought I was Lying Low Today.

I actually had a few things I wanted to post earlier today but I spent the day running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so I never got a chance to write any of them. Now, I've forgotten all of those brilliant ideas. Well you know what your mother said about the importance of things you forgot. (I'm capable of forgetting really important things, but I'll go with that saying anyway.)

Monday, we're scheduled to shoot at the entrance to an apartment building. We'll do a few scenes on the street of various people arriving, departing, hailing taxis, having epiphanies and etc., etc., etc. Then, we have two scenes to shoot on the rooftop of the same building. This isn't really rocket science filmmaking here. We know where all the trucks are parking. We have tow trucks set to swoop in Sunday night if any of the cars haven't moved. We have D.O.T. scheduled to show up Monday morning to take down a bunch of street signs we don't want in our shots. We have a catering space and a holding area for our extras booked.

In other words, we're all set to go on Monday and life should be joyful and calm. The only problem is that the weather report for Monday is iffy. We don't want to shoot in the rain. So, we have what's called a "cover set". This is a set that's available if you need an interior to save you from shooting in the rain.

Only problem there is that it isn't ready. The Art Department is going to work tomorrow to get the interior ready. I don't have a catering space near this location yet. I've got a permit, but it doesn't allow me to hold parking, much less to tow anybody. I've got some of the parking we'd need from the permit for the rigging crew who was already working there, but the rigging crew takes up a small fraction of what the shooting crew needs. Metered spaces will open up for street cleaning at 8:00am, but I'll be pulling trucks in at 5:30am. Hmmm. It is a conundrum.

I won't know until sometime on Sunday which set we're going to go to. This sort of thing makes for a very relaxing weekend.

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