Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Just In From West (By God) Virginia.

If one is to trust the incessant text messaging, dinner tonight in the Random Household will consist of Pizza followed by Apple Pie. The dining will not take place in the kitchen because the temperature there is approaching that of the sun.

Thanks for keeping me updated, Michelle.


Random Michelle K said...

Ah, but we had to have dinner in the kitchen, because the only other place to eat is outside on the deck.

But homemade pizza and homemade apple pie were totally worth the heat.

(contented sigh)

vince said...

Michelle, you are such a thoughtful person to keep Nathan informed of your dinner plans.

Random Michelle K said...

I meant to ask--does this mean I'm the only person still tormenting Nathan regularly with text messages?

vince said...

I don't text message, or even IM, although I've been thinking about setting up an IM account again.

Besides, he's already threatened to send Sally Struthers to my house. I don't own a house, but I don't think that will stop him.

Nathan said...


You're the only regular texter. But I think this post inspired Tania to inform me she was helping dig an outhouse today.

I'm nothing if not informed.

Random Michelle K said...

Vince, it's totally worth it to start texting, just to send messages to Nathan who doesn't know how to reply to them.


Nathan said...

Just wait til I get my T-mobile G1 (with qwerty keyboard).

Random Michelle K said...

So what has Nathan learned from this?

Michelle is, perhaps disturbingly, tenacious.

And easily amused.

And come on Nathan, you have to admit you were amused by the guy in the truck with fingers up both nostrils text!

Random Michelle K said...

Also, Michael took a picture of a truck with a very interesting paint job, and suggested that I send it to you.

So I'm being egged on.

Anonymous said...

I have stopped all of it b/c my Blackberry died - and I am NOT going to mess about w/ a numeric keypad and T9 word recognition. Ugh. Someday I'll get my Blackberry back. Maybe.

I never really texted for fun anyway, but I did email and take digicam pictures from my phone a lot - even occasionally blogged from there.

So Nathan, you do NOT get to hear about my daily trivia. The dog park and the teen driving lesson were fun though - and Walmart an always engaging trip to the dark side.

Shawn Powers said...

I just prank call him. :)