Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Room With A View!

So...we booked an early check-in with the intention of getting off the plane, changing clothes, relaxing a little, maybe even taking a nap before heading to my sister's house. Of course the room wasn't ready for us. That was when we went to have the lunch I mentioned earlier, hoping they'd get the room ready.

Well, the lunch was really enjoyable and relaxing and tasty and filled with bloody marys and cost way more than it should have. But we enjoyed the hell out of it.

The room still wasn't ready after lunch. No changing, relaxing or napping. Bah!

We had a good time at sister's house and then went and looked at the house where Dad lives now with his wife. An excellent, spacious house with fanciful colors on every wall. I approve most heartily.

Then we all went to dinner (16 or so of us) and had a good time there. Then drinks were had at another brother's hotel and much good conversation. I started fading and we headed back to our hotel. It seems that the earlier manager had not been at all deaf to how the unavailability of our room earlier in the day had really inconvenienced us, because we were upgraded to a River-view Jr. Suite. I deem this most excellent too. Props to the Hyatt!

Happy. Comfy. In my jammies.

Two more things to mention.

1. Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes for Dad.

2. It seems much of my family has found this place and been lurking. I'd better start watching my fucking language. (Sibs...feel free to comment. You're all most welcome here, of course.)


Anne C. said...

Yay Hyatt! Glad to hear customer service isn't dead.

Random Michelle K said...

Hi Nathans' family!

Good to meet you! Pull up a seat and have some chocolate (we always squirrel out chocolate stashes first thing).

Random Michelle K said...

PS, I really do know how to use correct punctuation--just don't always manage it right after I wake up.

Jim Wright said...

Gee willikers, now I've got to watch my language too. Crap! I mean Darn.

Jim Wright said...

You too, Potty Mouth Michelle, you too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you were correct - this bro is lurking and enjoying your posts. No worries about the language. If I had a blog every day would be talk like a fucking sailor day.

Otherwise the weather is nice in here. Your friends too.

Nathan said...

Hey Everybody,

Say Hi to my little brother. (He's like a foot taller than me, but that's just a technicality.)

Random Michelle K said...

Dave! A Nathan sibling! Yay!

And Nathan said you were scared of me! Poo!

My little brother is also significantly taller than me. It's a burden we eldest must bear.

Nathan said...


I'm far from the eldest. In fact, I was the youngest for most of my childhood. Then, David and his sister made a surprise appearance when I was 9 years old. I was not pleased at the time.

Stupid twins grabbing all the attention.

Random Michelle K said...


That helps explain why you like to pick on me then. :)

Tracy said...

Hi Dave, welcome! I confess I often talk like a fucking sailor. I don't know where it comes from, I wasn't raised like that. I think I about gave my Mom a heart attack recently when we were shopping, & the long, very heavy box slid off the cart. I tried to stop it, & it fell onto my foot. I, without even thinking about it, very loudly yelled out 'FUCK', in front of my Mom, & the whole store. Not my best moment, but it hurt, & I was pissed.

vince said...

Welcome David. It's a great place here. But one recommendation - don't mention Dominoes. Nathan has this thing about them. Can't imagine why.

Tania said...

Hey David! Glad to meet you.

I'm married to a guy with a twin sister, so don't you try to pull any of that twin mind-meld garbage around here, I'll call you on it! ;)