Friday, September 19, 2008

Somebody 'Splain This One To Me.

Update: There is, in fact a link, which makes everything absolutely hunky-dorey and makes me something of a boob. I'll leave up the part below anyway. That way when you read this, you'll know how much of a boob I am and how hunky-dorey Cootie Chronicles is. So, There!
I noticed a day or two ago that I'm getting a bunch of referrals from Cootie Chronicles. I couldn't find anything linking me or mentioning anything on this here blog, so I was a little confused.

Then I noticed a couple of pictures that looked familiar. The third and fourth picture are from my tour of Pratt Sculpture Garden. The pictures don't seem to be clickable, and I don't see any attribution either, but a fair number of people are finding their way to Polybloggimous by way of
Cootie Chronicles.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? Is there a link there I didn't notice? Are the pictures clickable by everyone in the world but me? Should I be pissed about having my photos lifted without attribution, or happy that in some way I can't figure out, people are being referred here?
Or both?


Shawn Powers said...

Search the page for the words, "This handy post" -- which is linked to your page. I have no idea about the photo, I just searched the page source for polybloggimous...

Head hurts. Sorry so terse.

Nathan said...

Oh, my bad. Didn't find that link.