Saturday, September 6, 2008

It Might Be a Saturday Multipost. It Might Not Be. We'll Just Have to Wait And See, Now Won't We.

Brainz. Not working.

I was going to start by telling you how my idea machine isn't working this morning and I was having difficulty with competence. This is obviated by the fact that I typed half of the title of this and then accidentally published it. Nonsense.

I haz inkopitents. Let me show you it!.

Just because I've rendered something passe is no reason not to tell you about it anyway.

First, I had the idea to humorously link Sarah Palin with Adolph Hitler. I figured I could be the first one to go there. I mean, she's a little extreme, but Hitler?

So anyway, I dug out this picture from my archives about the idiot candidate who decided speaking at a Birthday Party for Hitler was a good idea.

And then, I found a picture of Sarah Palin that I thought would paste in nicely.

And then I remembered that my photoshop skilz are decidedly lacking. I have a great mashup on my own computer, but I can't convert it to a JPEG, so you'll just have to believe me that there's a hilarious picture of Sarah Palin addressing a group of morons celebrating Hitler's Birthday and that it proves...something.

The other problem is that I thought I was doing this in the name of satire. Like I said before, she's a little extreme on some subjects (OK, a lot extreme), but Hitler? Sorry, I think that's something of a stretch. I was trying to go somewhere no-one had gone.

Hrm. Not so much. Pages and pages of matches.

I'm especially fond of this one. Borrowed from this guy's blog.

I also had a really spiffy second idea for what to write about this morning. It was really insightful and a totally unique spin on something going on in the world. I've searched and I can't find anyone else who takes the slant I was going to take on the topic.

I mean this could have changed your lives. Your jaws would have dropped. You would have done the Wow, I coulda had a V-8 face slap wondering why you didn't think of it first. It was that good! It's slipped my mind.


I'll be back later with something else.

Or maybe I won't.

Happy Saturday!

Oooh! The Multi-Posting begins!

I visit too many places on the intertoobs and I know I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I can't remember if it was here or not, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. When I was in college I had a friend who was completely fired up over protesting the building of Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire. (It is/was really close to Boston as potential nuclear disasters go.) I was, frankly, ambivalent on the subject and made happy noises with no intention whatsoever of getting on a bus to New Hampshire to participate in any protests.

Imagine my surprise, late on a Saturday afternoon when I walked into Crossroads, our local hangout, and found Eric, (OK, it's his real name; not the one you know so well from here, but another guy I went to school with who I recently rediscovered on Facebook, who I hope reads this and laughs at it), sitting on a bar stool with a fresh pint in front of him. I asked why he wasn't in New Hampshire. He said, "Hey, it wasn't worth getting my head beat in for".

I really didn't have a problem that response.

This XKCD comic reminded me of this episode. It's kinda how I'd have felt if I'd bothered to get on the bus.

Even worse than I thought!

I thought my publication of a partial headline only went to you RSS type readers. Turns out I actually published it on the blog...and left it Shawn could snarkilly point it out to me.

Shawn, please don't take offense at me deleting your comment. It went with deleting the entire erroneous post. But you get cred here for making fun of me. Everyone else: You should know that Shawn was clever while rubbing my nose in my incompetence. Really. You shoulda seen it. You'd have laughed your asses off. Go ahead and laugh anyway.

For Shawn! (Well, not really. It's more for Vince & Kimby)

It Might be a Saturday Multipost. It Might Not be. We'll just

Shawn is invited to recreate his comment, which I will then cut and paste right here. Yes, I will.
I just hope Vince & Kimby won't be disappointed after the buildup I gave it. (No pressure Shawn).

In Which The Car Has A Flat Tire.

Well yeah. The car had a flat tire. Not really a biggie.

I never promised you these would all be gems...just that I'd keep 'em coming.

Out With The Old...

I came home Thursday night to an almost tragic sight...the loyal old Electrolux out for curbside pickup next to the box from the Dyson that has driven it out. Thanks for 20 years of service. Enjoy your sojourn at the landfill. (It's probably going into recycling, but how do you wish something an enjoyable time in the metal chipper?)


Tracy said...

hehehehehe oooohhhhhh Jim's not going to like this one! Watch out for him! But I love it.
Hey, I was just there (SKS), & saw you were ready to spill, but I was out working, so missed you. I'm an office manager by day, & a cat sitter by morning, afternoon, & evening(sounds kind of like a superhero!). Anyway, had to go take care of a house full of cats including a diabetic cat that needed her insulin shot.
So I have a good excuse why I wasn't there. So can you go back & spill????? I'm waiting on the edge of my seat. Or spill here.

vince said...

Multiposting - it amuses us precious, yes it does.

vince said...

Shawn's comment was quite funny. I think you should have left the post, just for Shawn's comment. And, of course, to show what lots of stress and lack of sleep over a weeks time does to a person.

kimby said...

I thought maybe we could have used your incomplete title as a fill in the blank sort of deal.....but sadly when i came back, it had vanished.

(kinda wishing Shawn's comment was still it was a good one)

Tracy said...

You never throw away an Electrolux!!!! They're pure gold. You get them repaired. You can buy replacement parts & everything. Nothing works like an Electrolux. Can you rescue it?

John the Scientist said...

As the old British advert went: "Nothing Sux like an Electrolux".

Nathan said...

Even an Electrolux knows when to give up the ghost. This one had been repaired a few times. Also, the original Electrolux company was sold a few years back just ain't what it once was.

The Dyson out-sux the Electrolux from the word go. Let's just say it's the sucktastic when it comes to sucking. I could go on in this vein, but I rely on you guys to beat the dead horses.


Tracy said...

lololol Ok, as long as you tried to save it in the past. I spent a fortune on a Miele a few years ago, & it sucks, & not in the good way. What a waste of $. Dyson will be my next choice.