Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Good Day Was Had By All.

Today was the first day on this show I didn't spend the entire day putting out fires and running around like mad dealing with one thing after the other. It felt like I might have passed over a hump toward having this show organized instead of trying to dig myself out of a hole and getting everything done just barely in time. That felt good.

And guess what else. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I'll admit I was a little bit chilly for the first hour or so this morning, but then the sun came up. It just barely got to 70º and the humidity was low. Beautiful blue sky for most of the day. I'm not overly eager for Autumn, but it's nice to work on a day that's sunny, but not stinkin' hot.

Also, we were at a great location I've shot before, so I know the drill there already. I don't want to jinx myself, but the stress may be easing off a little. Now, if I could only go to work after the sun has risen, things'd be just peachy.

Lastly, you may recall this post. It's about the place we were today. I showed it to the two people in it and they thought it was hysterical.


Jim Wright said...

dude, whenever I'm blue I think of that flag and crack right up.

Glad things are looking up - now go get some sleep.

Nathan said...

Everybody keeps telling me to go to bed.