Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's All Relative.

I'm writing this at about ten minutes after 6:00. From home. If you've been paying attention, that means I got to sleep late. This is very exciting to me. Today is our last day of location shooting and tomorrow, they move into the studio. I'll spend the week wrapping up loose ends and I'll be going straight to the office this morning. I've got three Production Assistants who will take the shooting set this morning, since the trucks are already in and the company (presumably) knows everything they need to know about the location already.

On another note, my nephew was notified yesterday that he'd passed the Florida Bar Exam...on his first try. High Fives, Congratulations, Well Dones, Mazel Tovs and all other superlative felicitations to my Anon Nephew, the Hot-Shot Lawyer. We're all extremely proud of you except for Eric, who I suspect is now about to post a rant about how the practice of Law is going to suck your soul dry. Shut up, Eric. Give him ten minutes to celebrate.


Shawn Powers said...

How come you always write write write? Why don't you ever do any videos? LOL!

Just kidding of course. And there's a good answer to question you asked me on my latest video post. I just need to take the time to write the answer out. :)

kimby said...

Yeah for Anon Nephew!

Random Michelle K said...

Congratulations to the Relative Nathans!

I mean... the Nathan Relatives.


Janiece said...

Congratulations to the Newly Minted Hot Shot Attorney!