Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Here's A Little Puzzle For You.

It took me a buttload of trial and error to get everyone across the river. Give it a try!


Anonymous said...

Not too difficult after a little thought.

Hard not to read into the dysfuntional family relationships.

Nathan said...

Yeah, I was a little taken aback about not being able to leave the boys alone with mom or the girls with dad.

Eric said...

Wow... traditionally this sort of puzzle involves missionaries and cannibals--the missionaries cannot be left with too many cannibals, or they get eaten, natch. But I guess that's no longer PC since that setup is, well, okay, the traditional version is kind of racist.

So to replace it, we change the missionaries and cannibals... into a family of child molesters.


One step up, two steps back?

Random Michelle K said...

Why on earth can't the kids be left with their opposite sex parent?

That's uber creepy.

MWT said...

You'd think that the cop might help keep an eye on any moves that a parent made toward their opposite-sex kid(s) too. :p

Eric said...

And you'd think that dumbass robber would run away whenever the cop has to leave him alone on the bank.

I guess he's one of my clients.

There's an old joke in my line of work and in my county that's probably true throughout much of the country: if a guy runs for it, look for him at his Mom's house.

Actually, I guess it's not so much as a joke as it is a funny-but-true thing we laugh about.

No, really. His Mom's. They always end up there or at their baby's momma's place.