Monday, November 24, 2008

Granting Wishes Near and Far.

Honey, the vacuuming is done. But I couldn't figure out how to attach that new attachment you bought. So the places that attachment is designed to vacuum...not so much.

Update: And the trash cans are out at the curb!

Update part deux: I'm glad you found a spot to keep the new roasting pan. Where does the braising pan go now?

P.S. To all of you eavesdropping on this little reportage of homelife here in Brooklyn, lest you think I'm chiding GF, you should be aware that about 5 years after we moved in together, I once asked, "Where are those crackers we bought yesterday?" GF responded, "In the cracker tin."

After a moment of silence, I said, "We have a cracker tin?"

Update part troix: GF! Quit the job! I just got an email telling me I'd won 650,000 Euros. We're rich! I tell you, rich!

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